Let me start off by saying that this have been an experience.  I have been a USAA member for five years , not as long as other members posting on this site , but a member never the less. What I find frustrating is , you get pre- approval  you find a house during the review, when it comes down to the wire , they inform you of an set back.My advice to the loan processors of this organization as well as any other is to inform the buyer of any snags they may encounter in the beginnning of the the process not after money and time have been invested which can be lost due to not informing the buyer. That not only frustrating but a severe loss to those who do not have money to throw around.


I appreciate your feedback, Lainey and I'm sorry for any frustration you may have experienced.  I've collected your comments and will ensure this is provided to our teams for review. If you have any specific situations that you need assistance with, I'm happy to look into it for you. Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns.