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We are in the process of purchasing a home using a VA loan. While we have the ability to put $0 down with the loan, we have the capacity to make a down payment. Due to our move cycle, we know there is a high likelihood of selling the house in 3 years. Are there good resources to help determine the m...
When making extra mortgage payments and given the option to pay towards principal or Interest, which is better?
I want to buy a home,how do I start the process?
Recently I cancelled my auto insurance because my driving had deteriorated to the point I was an accident about to happen. I have Parkinson's disease and at 86 years of age had enough. But live with my wife in CCRC in northern Virginia. Also have Renters and Umbrella policies with USAA, and Life ins...
I have credit card debt and a loan. All added up probably about $12-15,000. I have the money to pay it off. I also want to buy a house soon. Should I pay off the debt now, before getting pre approved? thank you
Can I get a VA loan on a mobile home or prefabricated house?
My fiance and I are hoping to purchase a home in the next 1-2 years. I graduated college with a B.S. 3 months ago, and got a job as a rural appraiser trainee making around $30k a year. When I am certified in 2.5 years, I will be making closer to $75k. My fiance will have a masters and starting out m...
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using my ira to pay off my house mortgage? Tax ramification and all of that I would like to know. Thanks.
I'm looking to buy my first home in about 1-2 years and I would like to start putting money away for a down payment. What are the best investment options for first time home buyers that will give me the best return for my money in that short amount of time?
I am 54y/o and divorced of 1 year. My annual salary is 72K and I am saving in 401K 600/mo. In the divorce I recevied IRA of 320,000 but no cash on hand. I am renting but would like to buy. I have paid off all bills this past year but only have 6000 cash on hand. I know I can use 10K without penalty....