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MY WIFE & I ARE TURNING 69YO. WE own a Eugene, Or. 3-bedroom home. How do we start finding a down-size Condo? We found the local Senior Ctr unhelpful. So, please offer some starting points. We are bank poor, but property well to do. I am seeking a P/T job in the area, with little luck in this Pandemic world on the W.Coast. Thanks, B. Holme

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You’re not alone in examining your real estate options these days! The market has been hot in recent months—good for a seller…not so much for the buyer. I wish you the best in your effort to “down-size.” My own work on that front landed me in a more expensive home – not exactly what I was looking for and, not surprisingly in the current market,  the same thing recently  happened to my in-laws. My thought would be to use tools like Zillow or to do some basic research and get a general sense of what’s out there. As a next step, you could engage the assistance of a knowledgeable real estate agent. Perhaps, you have a trusted friend or family member that can make a referral? Pose the same question to them that you did here and you will likely have a conversation that should allow you to set reasonable expectations for the way forward. Setting some “budget guardrails” as to what you can accept and afford with respect to the two transactions is a critical first step in this process. Renting may also be an option to consider. Good luck!