"Who Are You? (Who, who, who, who?) I really wanna know!"

Remember The Who? Remember the theme song to that popular prime time crime show? "Who are you?" Is a question everyone seems to be asking these days!

Facebook.com has a unique feature that lets you quickly find the people you're interested in connecting with. The words on the screen say this:

Find friends from different parts of your life

Use the checkboxes below to discover people you know from your hometown, school, employer and more.

Instead of trying to remember people from your high school or dusting off and breaking out your old yearbook to jog your memory before searching online, you just check a box based on the various associations you have listed on your profile! You can instantly narrow down the millions of people on this social media website to include just the people you're looking for!

And guess what? Employers do the same thing! They use cool tools to find the people they're interested in connecting with. They call this resume screening software! On an employer's computer screen, it might say something like this:

Find potential Employees from different parts of the world

Use the checkboxes below to discover people you want to know that have this experience, that training, these skills, and more!

So what this means to you is that Employers can find exactly who they're looking for! Rather than guess on the right person, they can discover people they want to connect with and consider for employment.

Resume screening software helps Employers:

  • Find highly qualified candidates, decide who gets screening interviews, and discuss potential hires between Hiring Managers.
  • Track progress during the hiring process and measure hiring goals.
  • Hire more quickly by screening out people who don't meet the minimum job requirements.
  • Save time, reduce costs, and minimize the need for re-hiring.
  • Find the top, "Must-See" candidates.
  • Eliminate mismatches and under-qualified people.
  • Establish a ranking system to select their list of top candidates.


Think about this: If your resume does not accurately reflect your skills & abilities, you might just miss out on an opportunity to get hired!

And, don't be tempted to simply "cut & paste" a bunch of words and phrases or "keywords" from the Employers job posting, then pop these words into your resume. The resume screening software is so sophisticated, that not only will it search for keywords, it will also check for the context in which you use them. It looks at how you phrase things and checks the entire text of your resume to see if everything makes sense. In other words, you can't trick the resume screening software! (Not that you would ever try to do that!)

You need to spend some time developing a winning resume - one that shows who you are and what you can do. How well does your resume match the Employer's job posting?

If you find yourself coming up short on responses to resume submissions (i.e. your phone is not ringing and emails aren't being answered.) maybe it's time to go back and review some of your old job descriptions, accomplishments, and rework that resume!

So, spend some time improving your resume today!

You'll be glad you did!