Bring the Advice from Your Military Mentors to Work

Jul 10, 2015

In the military, Commander’s, friends, and subordinates all helped develop your professional military skills. Remember that advice from your military mentors in your post-military career.

hire more veterans

Jun 28, 2015

Since leaving the military I have noticed places like the VA and companies that say the support veterans do not hire veterans as m...

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Dear tvarnado04, Thank you for your suggestions. I too believe veterans are excellent candidates for hire and am proud ...

Going Deeper: Good, Better, Best Series - Leader vs. Foll...

Jun 25, 2015

Leader or Follower? Do you know when to flip the switch? Is your military definition of these hindering your interview success? Let’s take a deeper look into the very important interview question that reveals how versatile you can be when working with others.

Be a Great Volunteer – Put Military Skills to Use to Help...

Jun 15, 2015

Volunteering is great work and makes communities better. Be an effective volunteer by bringing the military skills of planning, leadership, safety and others to make the volunteer organization’s results more effective.

Need a check from USAA

Jun 14, 2015

My new employer wants a cancelled check to initiate my direct deposit, but I haven't written a check in years. Plus I can't seem t...

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Hi Hawaiian Trini, Like batman answered above- You can get a form by filling out this direct deposit questionnaire, tha...
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I went online and found this section.Step 1 : Login online via web browser then type in the search box "direct deposit ...

Don’t Wing It, Here’s How to Leverage Your Military Exper...

Jun 12, 2015

“Wingin’ it!” might be the best answer for your next social meal, but not the best response to this critical interview question. Check out Chazz Pratt’s advice on how to leverage your military experience when answering the question, “What is your process for making decisions?”

Teaching – A Valuable Military Skill that Can Help Make Y...

Jun 8, 2015

Teaching is an integral part of being a successful professional in any industry. Featured Contributor, Chad Storlie shares how military veterans have incredible experience as teachers.

Use Military Strategy to Create Options for Your Civilian...

May 29, 2015

Your military training can help you create career options for your success. In his latest post, new Community Contributor Chad Storlie shares the military concept of how looking at four ways to complete a plan can be used for your civilian career.

Do You Want To Win or Be Voted The Best?

Apr 23, 2015

Do you interview in order to win, or to be the best? Some things to think about.

Answering the Interview Question: How Have You Built Brid...

Apr 16, 2015

One of the many things companies look for is someone who can work well with others towards a mutual goal. How well you're able to collaborate offer clues as to how you might fit into an organization. How prepared are you in answering questions about teamwork?