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Speak Up Using the 3 C’s at Work – Communication, Courage...

Jun 21, 2017

Open Communication at work is hard. When we use, small, personal, face-to-face, and open meetings we set the stage for effective communication. When we allow both Courage and Candor into our meetings that use kindness and true respect for the other person, we create an atmosphere that can listen, learn, and solve business challenges.

Happy Birthday to The US Army- June 14, 2017

Jun 13, 2017

June 14, 2017 marks the 242nd Birthday of the United States Army. The US Army is the oldest military service, and a time when everyone in the US Army pauses and joins together to recognize all that the US Army has done and is doing.

Steps To Start Your Military Career On The Right Foot

Jun 8, 2017

Start your military career on the right foot by being early, in the right uniform, with the right equipment, and at the right location. Your first military school following Initial Entry Training is where your career beings to shine.

Business Lessons from the D-Day Invasion

Jun 6, 2017

The memory of the determination, sacrifice, and service of military personnel who served long ago serves as a constant lesson today of the long term lessons that their service still brings to us. Remember D-Day for the specific lessons of the importance of training, mid-level leadership, realistic rehearsals, the vital importance of testing innovations, and rethinking how to use available assets to find lessons for business and life that are just as applicable today.

Dealing With Conflict at Work

May 31, 2017

Working with others isn’t just social order. It’s in our code as human beings. "Getting along” is actually a recent invention. Our...

Remember on a Personal Level This Memorial Day

May 28, 2017

Memorial Day is special when we remember the fallen at a personal level. Share the stories and special memories of fallen friends and make others see how they were special not because they fell, but by being the people they were.

Secrets for Sharing More at Work

May 3, 2017

Today, when you go to work, look to the advice of four year olds rather than Steve Jobs or Warren Buffett. When we share, we help others achieve their goals, communicate better, and set a great example for a team.

Steps to Take if You Suspect a Layoff May Occur

Apr 26, 2017

Preparing for a potential layoff is an unnerving professional event. Continue to be a good employee, update your resume, get your personal finances in order, and start to network with key decision makers. A layoff may not happen, but if it does, be more than ready.

Teach Your Boss About the Military for National Guard and...

Apr 20, 2017

Service in the National Guard or the Reserves creates a difficult balance to manage a civilian career and your military career. Make the balance easier by making a plan to educate and include your civilian boss. Making your civilian boss proud of your service helps your civilian career.

Military Skills That Support a Career in Logistics

Apr 12, 2017

Determining how to use military skills to help civilian companies succeed in the challenging & complex world of logistics and transportation is an incredible way that military skill sets support the success of a military to civilian career transition.

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