4 Tips to Navigate Veteran Hiring Fairs

Headed to a hiring fair? Ready to dazzle the companies with all you can bring to their company? On your mark, get set, hold on a moment! Here are 5 tips and helpful hints that can help you at your next hiring fair.

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Get Certified and Go Further

Although your military experience trained you well, you might need a certification once you leave the service. More and more, certain career choices require specific types of certification or licensure. Below are details on two resources to help cover the costs of the certification your next career move might require.

Do You Have a Battle Plan for Transition?

Finding a job when leaving the military is a lot of hard work. However, we can help relieve some of your stress. Here are 5 steps to complete your battle plan for your military to civilian transition.

Don’t Be Shy, Give Networking a Try

Are you someone who’d rather listen than talk? Try these simple conversation starters to help improve your networking skills.

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I am soon to be separated from the Marines. I really want to go into the banking/financial industry. How and what do I need to do ...

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Jessie M.
I know USAA recruits at the Hiring our Heroes job fairs because they were at the one I went to in Germany. That may be ...
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Depending on what you'd like to do a degree in finance would be helpful, unless you're looking for a secretarial like j...

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I suffered a brain injury. I showed it. That was easy. I need to live life without a lot! Because of it. That is tough.

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Bradley T: Thank You for posting and sharing your story! It is tough! Stay encouraged!

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