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Are you someone who’d rather listen than talk? Try these simple conversation starters to help improve your networking skills.

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I am soon to be separated from the Marines. I really want to go into the banking/financial industry. How and what do I need to do ...

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Jessie M.
I know USAA recruits at the Hiring our Heroes job fairs because they were at the one I went to in Germany. That may be ...
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Depending on what you'd like to do a degree in finance would be helpful, unless you're looking for a secretarial like j...

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I suffered a brain injury. I showed it. That was easy. I need to live life without a lot! Because of it. That is tough.

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Bradley T: Thank You for posting and sharing your story! It is tough! Stay encouraged!

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I'm not sure if this is the right venue for my topic but will give it a try. Any feedback welcomed. Project I was on ended and I'm...

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Dear kmwhtt: You might consider circling back with those Hospitals you worked with and visiting the HR Department at ea...

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I was injured in the line of duty. I was on probation at the time. I worked for 7 months in the pain. Worked after PT. Scheduled a...

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Allen: Sorry to hear this happened to you! Stay encouraged as the new year approaches!
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Allen Cramer
Thanks man. Just day before Thanksgiving was just poor timing.

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