Put Military Style Purpose Back Into Your Career

Oct 8, 2015

Military veterans often feel they have lost their sense of purpose when they leave the military and begin new careers, jobs, and lives outside of the military. Follow these five steps to rebuild and regain your sense of purpose.


Oct 3, 2015

I'm leaving active duty in approx 18 months. Wondering if anyone in the Virginia area has connections for a decent paying job. I'm...


Oct 3, 2015

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Hi Bam, Looks like your comment didn't post. Is there anything we can help you with? Thank you!


Oct 2, 2015

the general consensus among people I have spoken to seems to be the same; USAA treats active duty and Veterans different. I believ...

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CPT TexMex
No. Just no. I think you need to take a long hard look at your expectations and entitlements. I wouldn't go as far as t...
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Always Civilian
Oh, for the love of God, this is not true and quite ridiculous. I've never been enlisted, was grandfathered in from my ...

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