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Get Certified!

Jan 10, 2017

You’ve tried and tried, but now it’s time to get certified! Some tips on getting certifications that you need.

Grab Your Treasure Map & Go for the Gold!

Jan 5, 2017

Grab your tools and start mining for GOLD! Here’s how!

Giving and Saying Thank You

Jan 4, 2017

Giving and saying Thank You seems to be a thing of the past these days. Each day, we get bombarded with negative social media posts. While we each enjoy the right to freedom of speech, sometimes you’ve gotta wonder why we see so much negativity this these days. Have we become so set in our ways that we’ve forgotten our commonalities and what makes us unique? Have we reached the point that if your beliefs collide with another, you cannot be friends anymore?

Owning a business after military retirement

Dec 29, 2016

I have just started a home decor business, Dixie Wreaths By MaryPat. I make unique one of a kind handmade wreaths for holidays, an...

USAA Social Service's avatar
USAA Social Service
Marypat, I realize starting a business can be challenging and stressful. Please visit us here for some advice: http://b...

Ideas on Moving Down the Street, Across Town, or Cross Co...

Dec 28, 2016

Simple tips to help you with your next relocation.

Soft Military Skills That Deliver Hard Results for Milita...

Dec 27, 2016

Translating and applying military skills sets to post-military careers is an invaluable, essential, and vital steps for military veterans to have the best opportunity for career success following military service. Leadership, Coaching, Training, and finding Solutions to problems are only a few of the ways to add value.

How To Build a Military Diversity Group At Your Company

Dec 22, 2016

Military Veteran Employee Resource Groups expand military veteran skill sets, help retain and attract military veteran employees, and bring new skills to make the company better. Military Veteran ERG’s are a critical business asset to help a company succeed.

Tips For Older Workers

Dec 14, 2016

Check out these tips to anticipate changes and/or quickly adjust once change comes.

Understanding Military Rank Structure

Dec 6, 2016

Military rank structure among the US Military Services is a little confusing but it follows the same general structure. By not adopting the rank slang of other service traditions, asking questions, learning from other services, and doing your homework to recognize different ranks, you can change a situation of confusion into one of learning.

How To Prepare To Join The Military

Dec 2, 2016

Talking early to recruiters, staying away from activities that disqualify you for military service, being in good shape, possessing a completed high school degree, and having your attitude focused on surpassing suffering while still serving well is how you succeed. Have a successful military career and have fun.

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