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Understanding Military Rank Structure

Dec 6, 2016

Military rank structure among the US Military Services is a little confusing but it follows the same general structure. By not adopting the rank slang of other service traditions, asking questions, learning from other services, and doing your homework to recognize different ranks, you can change a situation of confusion into one of learning.

How To Prepare To Join The Military

Dec 2, 2016

Talking early to recruiters, staying away from activities that disqualify you for military service, being in good shape, possessing a completed high school degree, and having your attitude focused on surpassing suffering while still serving well is how you succeed. Have a successful military career and have fun.

Commemorate the Service of Military Veterans With Togethe...

Nov 14, 2016

Capturing, recording, listening, and sharing the stories of military veterans is vital to our nation’s present and future. Together We Served is offering military veterans the opportunity to share their stories. Here's how to share your story today!

Snapshots In Time – Focus on Your Professional References

Nov 11, 2016

Your professional references are like Snapshots In Time. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what story are they telling about you?

Thank a Veteran

Nov 11, 2016

On Veterans Day we honor the brave men and women of our Armed Forces for their service.

Side-by-Side & Circles Technique For Resumes

Nov 8, 2016

For years, I’ve been doing this to improve my resume and to apply for opportunities that seem to be the right fit. Give it a try!

Post Layoff Checklist

Oct 26, 2016

Got a RIF, layoff, or pink slip? Get this checklist!

5 Ideas for the Foodie In You

Oct 20, 2016

You too can have fun with food with a little creativity, bravery, and curiosity and still not overspend. Check out these these ideas to change things up a bit at the dinner table.

Military Skills that Aid Innovation

Oct 17, 2016

Military skill sets provide the Innovation process key building blocks to be successful. Using military skill sets in the Innovation Process finds a way to engage employees, paints the vision of success, gives a process to improve, and creates a discipline to proactive to find continued innovation.

The Military Backward Planning Process Ensures Project Su...

Oct 12, 2016

Backward planning is a simple, cost effective, and ultimately effective tool in project planning and execution to ensure the project is completed on time and to the specified standard.

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