Zero Day PT Helps USAA Employees Better Understand Members


USAA prides itself in knowing its members better than anyone else. Part of that is understanding and appreciating the unique experiences our members have as active duty service members.


On August 18th, USAA's employees in Colorado Springs welcomed the morning like no other company can - replicating the military's first day of basic training. We call it Zero Day PT.


Zero Day PT - USAA Member Community


USAA’s Zero Day PT event gives USAA employees who didn’t serve a taste of what many of our members have experienced. It also gives employees who did serve an opportunity to share their experiences in roles as cadre.


Zero Day PT - USAA Member Community


Zero Day PT is more than a morning of push-ups and jumping jacks. For eight weeks, participants have been learning proper military postures, insignias, ranks and history, in addition to physical conditioning.


Zero Day PT - USAA Member Community


Zero Day PT Facts:

  • This is the 21st Zero Day PT since inception almost nine years ago.
  • Nearly 4,000 USAA employees have participated in the trainings.
  • Approximately 1 in 4 USAA employees are veterans or military spouses.


Do you remember your first day of military training? Share your thoughts with us!


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