It's that time of year again! Lots of preparations underway for the upcoming holidays! Whether you spend some extra time in the kitchen this year, order a prepared meal, or get invited over to enjoy time with family, friends, or co-workers, you'll be in the mood for food!

Key to the success of Thanksgiving is this: The right recipe is what you need. If you want to get that job, you need the right recipe too.

Be A Turkey! - You need to gobble up as much information about the company you wish to work for! Research things such as; company profile, competition, leadership profiles, stock price and performance. How much information do you have about the specific person you will interview with? Have you made an effort to meet these people? Have you attended a presentation they gave? Have you listened to the latest financial analyst conference call or webcast? There's lots of information out there that can help boost your perceived worth to a company. They say that "birds of a feather flock together", so you might see how close you can get so you're not just another faceless resume.

Dressing - Make sure you dress appropriately for the interview. In most cases, dressing up in appropriate business attire is the best choice. You might check to find out what the dress code is so that you're not underdressed or overdressed for the interview.

You Need Some More Stuffing? - Check your resume for things that look like you just showed up for work. Does your resume need stuffing? Do you have a "skinny resume"? You need to do more than just include simple statements that read more like a basic job description. Does your resume have a WOW Factor? And, of course, make sure you're stuffing your resume with factual information.

Gravy - This is that extra ingredient that makes a difference! Gravy comes in many flavors; Examples of your work, Letters of Recommendation, strong Professional and Personal references, people already working at the company who can speak positively on your behalf, and personal contact beyond the online resume submission. How much gravy do you have? More is better!

A Slice of the Pie - How bad do you want to get hired? What are you doing in order to get hired? Are you doing enough? Is your phone ringing with calls for interviews? Are all those resumes you submitted being converted into job offers? In spite of these tough economic times, you need to set some realistic goals. These goals should not only focus on the specific job you want, but the specific actions required in order to get your slice of the pie.

Just as preparing a Thanksgiving meal requires a specific amount of time, say for cooking, setting career search goals is no different. There's an old saying that a GOAL is simply a DREAM with a DATE. Remember, if you fail to add a DATE to your GOAL, you're just DREAMING. Having trouble with goal setting? Here's an easy way to start:

  • Commit to working just 5 minutes every day on improving your chances of getting hired.
  • Grade yourself. Did you spend just 5 minutes today?

My hope is that those 5 minutes turns into many more minutes of goal setting, goal achievement, and ultimately ends with you reaching your goal of getting hired! You can create the recipe for success!