What is the Most Creative Way You’ve Landed an Interview?

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What is the most creative way you've landed a job interview? - USAA Member Community


Years ago, a man by the name of Frank Abagnale Jr., assumed the identity of legitimate people by apparently posing as Doctor, Airline Pilot, Teacher, and Attorney. In the last few months, you might have seen news stories about a couple of young people pretending to be Doctors.


While these are seriously far-fetched techniques used to deceive, each person involved landed a job – even though in an unacceptable way. Each assumed the role of another and fooled people in the process.

Need a more recent example than the Abagnale shenanigans of yesteryear? Don’t follow in the footsteps of these two real people behind these fictitious headliners:


Robert Klingler, CEO of BMW’s North American operations.


“Count” Victor Lustig, the man so nice he sold the Eifel Tower twice!


A case of mistaken identity is one thing, but cases of assumed identity amaze me.


Amazing stories of impostors who duped the masses got me thinking about how someone could go to such lengths to get a job, notoriety, or faux prestige. Then I reeled it back a few notches and thought that maybe there’s some legit, creative ways people attempt to get honest work.


The following two REAL PEOPLE are in fact LEGITIMATE in their chosen profession. I know these people and their reputation and they’re stand-up folks with plenty of great references.


I posed the question: What's the MOST CREATIVE way you've landed a job or client?


Tish Times is CEO of Tish Times Training & Coaching, and a Sales and Networking Trainer. She shares an innovative way of securing new business: “The most creative way I've landed a new client was to invite a prospective client to be a volunteer at an event where I was speaking. I determined that if she was exposed to my expertise and saw the response of other attendees, she would be more open to working with me. It worked and she has been a client for several months.”


Daesha Joy Martch not only flexed her fitness coach business muscles, but also her social media muscles and leveraged technology to successfully find work she loves: “I landed my job via Instagram - I found one of the coolest opportunities to pursue my passion with the help of some incredible business mentors. Now I get to work from home, do what I love, and work towards a six figure income while I'm a college student.”


If you choose a creative way to get work or increase business, make sure what you do falls within generally accepted guidelines and conduct, just as Tish and Daesha have. Why risk your reputation? They don’t and these ladies are well on their way down the path of success.


Please feel free to share the most creative way you’ve landed an interview, job, or client below.



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