What Business Would You Launch?

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What Business Would You Launch? | USAA Member Community


If the decision were up to you:


What business would you launch?


Let’s look at a list of 7 things to think about as you consider becoming an entrepreneur:


1. Do Your Research.


Have you considered the steps involved in launching your business? Sometimes people wake up in the wee hours of the morning with the best idea ever. That sleepless night becomes the first of many more “eyes wide open” time. Knowing the right steps required to launch a business is key to your success. With plenty of information available on the internet and your local library or bookstore, it’s easy to find information that outlines the steps to success.


2. Brick & Mortar or Virtual?


If you decide to break ground on a new building to house your business, you’ll have plenty of time spent learning about commercial real estate and all that goes with it. You’ll become intimately familiar with business permits, building permits, codes, licenses, and more stuff than we have time to discuss here. Let’s just say that building a brick & mortar business requires a lot of complexities.


If you decide to go the virtual route, this might make for a shorter trip to launching your business. After all, technology can be the great equalizer putting you in business much faster and simpler than building brick-by-brick.


Whether you build an actual business building, start in your garage, or launch a virtual business, you definitely have some important choices to make on what works best for you!


3. Staffing, Outsourcing, Friends, & Family


Somebody’s got to work in your newly launched business! Who will it be? Will you hire people who will do work for you? Will you hire independent contractors?


Maybe you can outsource the work to a reputable company that provides services such as web design, call center services, delivery services, sales, or customer service.


Got a large family tree? You could call a family meeting and start hiring your siblings tonight! Or, maybe you’d prefer to hit up your friends to help you launch your new business.


Lots of choices to make for sure. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, no doubt. Either way, choose carefully!


4. Reality TV


With so many television shows providing opportunities to pitch you a product, maybe you can launch a business that can be funded, bought, or otherwise supported by a reality TV show! You’ll have to go through some hoops in order to get noticed and chosen for one of these television programs, but this might make the difference.

If you’ve ever watched one of these shows, you know you must be prepared. Better for you to be ready to succeed and your business or product to go viral, than say or do something silly and go viral.


5. YOU equal the business


Maybe YOU are the new business you wish to launch! Do you have a skill or talent that makes for a great business? Think about all of the people who seemed to come out of nowhere and have become household names.

If you have that special something that just begs “I can do this for a living!,” maybe you can launch YOU!


6. Part-Time or Full-Time?


Time is something you can’t reclaim. When you decide to launch a new business, you need to consider the time commitment involved. How much time will you dedicate to your business?


Will this be something you launch after your 9-to-5 job? Do you plan to go “all in” and deep dive into the business abyss?


Only you can decide what works best for you.


7. Leveraging Social Media


Since you’re reading this online, you already have some involvement in social media. Social business can be an integral part of your success.


When deciding which new business makes sense for you, tweets, posts, photos and other modes of social come into play not only on a daily basis, but also 24/7. Consider how developing a social business strategy can help your business idea succeed.


OK, now it’s your turn to chime in and tell the GOING CIVILIAN community what business would you launch?

Let us know below, and don’t be shy, tell us why!


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