When I think about the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, I can't help but to take a moment and give thanks for many things. With all the challenges we face each day, sometimes taking a step back and reflecting on the good things can put things in proper perspective.

Personally, I'm thankful for my wife and two college-aged "children". Everyone is healthy and doing their best and I am forever proud of them. I'm thankful for the opportunity to reach out to military spouses and uniformed military in an effort to help them realize their career goals. I'm thankful to USAA for creating the Military Spouse Community and their continued support of military families. I'm thankful for Friends and Family. I'm thankful for the sacrifices my fellow men & women in arms make each day to allow me to continue to live in the USA - something I believe we all should never forget.

Unemployment applications dropped to a 7-month low - the lowest since April. We should be thankful that the number dropped and hope that it continues to fall. We should be thankful for the job we have or the opportunity to seek work. You see, some are not physically able to work due to accident or illness. Just when you thought it was tough, there's someone in a tougher situation.

We have an all-volunteer military that we need to remain ever thankful for. As we partake in the holiday traditions, fellowship, meals, and time off, please remember to take a moment to thank our men & women in uniform. You can send an e-card to a veteran through the American Legion. It just takes a few seconds to make a long-lasting impact on one who served.

Lots of single troops need a place to eat this Thanksgiving! If you have room at your table, why not consider inviting a service member to be your special guest. I trust you'll enjoy meeting and eating with someone who serves selflessly while defending our country. You'll have the opportunity to make a new friend. We should be thankful for all the ways we can give back and show our appreciation to those who serve.

Here's a list of some more things we can do to give thanks:

  • Visit a Veteran Home and bring dessert.
  • Donate a turkey to a military family in need.
  • Volunteer to serve meals at a Veteran Home.
  • Send letters to our troops serving in war zones.
  • Post a video on YouYube thanking our troops.
  • Post something on Facebook reminding your friends to thank the troops.

What ideas do you have? Let's hear from you!

What are you thankful for? Please share your thoughts!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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How do we invite a single service member to Thanksgiving? Who do we contact to do this? Thanks!
Community Manager
Community Manager

LRBDOC: We have a new online platform so this delayed response might come in handy nonetheless. 


You can contact Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (a.k.a. MWR) to find out how to invite a single service member to holiday dinner.


MWR is offered in each of the branches of service!


Check out Military One Source: http://www.militaryonesource.mil/mwr


You can check with your local military installation or other organizations that serve the Military as well.


Hope this helps!