What 20 of Your Friends Can Do To Help You Get Hired!



From time-to-time, I take a virtual stroll down my Friends and Contacts list to see what my good buddies are up to. I’m always eager to come up with innovative ways to connect in the hopes that it will help you connect with people so you can get hired!


On this mouse-click journey, I discovered some interesting things about 20 of my Friends who also hold the esteemed title of VETERAN.


Here’s what I found:


• 2 ran for public office
• 1 produces movies
• 4 work in the medical industry
• 1 is a manager
• 1 works in IT
• 4 work for the Government
• 3 work in the transportation industry
• 1 is a business owner
• 1 works in education
• 1 is an attorney
• 1 works in real estate


Look! I have 11 different career fields to explore! I could spend hours doing web searches, signing up for email alerts, and watching videos about any and all of these career fields. I could learn so much in so little time.


At some point, since I know these Friends well, I can think about things I observed about each person and piece together my perception as to why they work in a particular field. Of course, that perception might prove wrong once I pick up the phone and call them to discuss the specifics, but the idea here is to imagine how others did it, and then verify it by talking to them. You’ll want to learn how they arrived at their current position and how they made career stops along the way.


That old saying that “…it’s all about who you know” can be true if you reach out to old Friends!

Asking questions to Friends is easy! They won’t think your questions about their chosen industry sound strange – well, at least they won’t hold it against you, right? You should feel comfortable discussing unfamiliar careers with people you know.


Let’s face it, you can only learn so much about a career field by what you read or hear. What better ways to get the cold hard facts, dispel myth from reality, and improve your understanding of the mysteries of the civilian world by talking and asking questions to a good Friend!


So, if you’re an Unemployed or Under-Employed Veteran or in the middle of your Military-to-Civilian career transition and looking for a better career opportunity, here’s a challenge for you:


• Scan your Friends and Contacts list for the names of Friends who served.
• Make a list of the companies they work for AND the type of work they do. (Note the job titles too!)
• Research the companies they work for and write some brief notes on what you learn. Pay particular to what’s happening in their Press Release section as this is the cool current stuff that’s important for you to be aware of!
• Check the Job Openings or Career Opportunities section of each company. See what might interest you.
• Now, contact your Friend and set up a time to catch up and learn more about the company, their journey from Military-to-Civilian, and let them know you’re looking for a new career!


Just for fun, share your experience in the Comments section. Please let the Veteran Community know what you experienced after you did some research and connected with an old Friend.

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