Here's a cool tool for your career search! It's called the Veteran's Job Bank. Several entities came together to create this highly functional web-based resource.

According to U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the search widget is powered by a new open Web standard, the JobPosting schema, designed by a voluntary network of job search and technology companies and supported by - a collaboration among Bing, Google, and Yahoo to make structured data on the Web easier to find.

I put this website to the test and I must say they did an outstanding job putting this together. Consider this a "one-stop-shop" for arming yourself for the job hunt.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The website has 2 main sections: Veterans Job Bank and NRD Resources. You can search for jobs or find some helpful information on virtually anything related to the military-to-civilian career transition process.
  • You can search by subject to learn more about; benefits & compensation, education & training, employment, family & caregiver support, health, homeless assistance, housing, and more.
  • There's even a section that provides Checklists for starting a business or specifics on planning for employment as either someone on Active Duty or as a Guard & Reservist.
  • Toll-Free Phone numbers to the Veteran's Crisis Line, National Call Center for Homeless Veterans, the VA Caregiver Support Line, and the Wounded Warrior Resource Center can be found here too.

I clicked on the NRD Resources tab and searched "Military Spouse Employment". This search resulted in 13 pages of resources related to Military Spouses. Be sure to check these resources out and let me know what kinds of things you found.

Overall, I've got to give the Veteran's Job Bank an A+ for this website! It has plenty of information that's just a mouse click away.

Here's a thought: With all these Employers posting career opportunities, it would be great to know how many Veterans, Military Spouses or anyone connected to the military get hired as a result of this initiative. I sincerely hope that, given the higher unemployment rates found in the Veteran population, hiring companies - especially U.S.-owned companies - step up to the plate and demonstrate their commitment to hiring Veterans and Military Spouses.

I challenge U.S. Companies to go above and beyond the "Support Our Troops", Military Discounts, and advertisements targeted toward the military to make a concerted effort to hire those with military experience.

These companies must do more than just hire Veterans, Military Spouses, and others. Companies must take steps to help military people properly assimilate into civilian culture. Promotion opportunities must be measured and published. How military people perform, get promoted and retained should be part of transparency. Special care needs to be taken in order to manage this important group and their careers carefully.

Highly-skilled and experienced military job applicants can benefit any U.S.-owned company. As we stop to recognize Veterans, this recognition should remain an ongoing process. The value the military person brings is priceless! It's Veteran's Day every day!