Everywhere you turn these days a new website for Veterans or Military Spouses seems to pop up! How can you know if they are good? Can you count on the accuracy of the job postings as legitimate openings? Have you been hired as a result of using one of the many career websites available today?

More importantly, are you protecting yourself by limiting the amount of personal information shared online? Will your information be safeguarded? Who is this person who claims to be a Recruiter? Word to the wise: Keep close tabs on your social security number and other personal stuff.

My research revealed several things I believe you need to be aware of when it comes to all these online career websites:

  • Most do not have the ability to match your Military Occupational Specialty to a job that makes sense. (You need to take inventory of your skills and understand how they can fit into and benefit a hiring company.)
  • Some career websites include "careers" disguised as business opportunities you would need to "pay-to-play".
  • Companies tend to be either extremely vague in their job descriptions or overly specific. You need to research the company and position carefully and you submit your resume if you feel you have at least most of the qualifications listed.
  • If you read the fine print on the job posting closely, you might find that the person who posted the job accidentally left the company name in there. You might be able to HIGHLIGHT and RIGHT CLICK to SEARCH for more information about the hiring company so you can have that added advantage we all need. Knowledge is power!
  • The best Veteran career websites include comprehensive and thoughtfully created content specific to the needs of Military Spouses. Rinse, repeat!

What follows is a totally random selection of career websites targeting military personnel and their families. The descriptions came verbatim from their specific websites. I've added my "2 cents" and invite you to comment on these or other career websites you know about!


The Veterans Job Bank powered by NRD.gov provides Veterans with a central source for identifying Veteran-committed employment opportunities and assists America's employers in identifying qualified Veterans. A key part of the White House's ongoing commitment to improve access to employment opportunities for transitioning Service Members and Veterans, it facilitates access to hundreds of thousands of private-sector job openings specifically targeted at Veterans.

My 2 cents: Try entering your MOS and let me know how the jobs match up to your skill set!


VetJobs makes it easy to reach transitioning military, National Guard, Reserve Component Members and veterans that have separated over the last several decades and are now productive members of the civilian work force in all disciplines, and their family members. VetJobs is a leading source for candidates with security clearances!

My 2 cents: This website is easy to navigate and has plenty of jobs.


The first place to look for veteran jobs. In partnership with Monster.com, veterans, active duty, guard and reserve can search for thousands of jobs for veterans from employers who value military experience. Plus a special section for security clearance jobs.

My 2 cents: You must fill out a few preliminary questions before you advance to the actual jobs section. Powered by Military.com.


Welcome to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's Government-wide Veterans Employment Website. This website is a critical component of the Federal Government's strategy for the recruitment and employment of Veterans.

My 2 cents: This is a well-organized website with plenty of information to help Hiring Managers understand Military employment candidates better.

Career websites can be helpful, but cannot replace all of the other essential tasks and activities involved in getting the career you deserve! Your hard work must be positioned, showcased, and communicated effectively in order for you to be the #1 choice!

Please feel free to share career websites you've discovered and tell us why you like them.