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A vehicle often becomes more than just a mode of transportation. It is a memory keeper, a talisman for important life events. I wager you remember the car you learned to drive in, the car that took you to your first duty station, the car that brought home your first baby…


There are many reasons to buy a vehicle other than nostalgia (gas mileage, safety ratings even swagger), but it seems former and active duty military members have spoken and the top purchased vehicle by USAA auto insurance policy holding members for 2019 is the Ford F-150.








Do you have one of the top vehicles? Share why you purchased it in the comments!



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USAA's 2019 Top 10 Vehicles List by Branch of Service is based on internal data compiled from the following activities of former and active duty military members who, between Jan. 1 - Aug. 31, 2019: (1) purchased a new or used vehicle through the USAA Car Buying Service; (2) obtained an auto loan through USAA Bank; or (3) added a vehicle to their USAA Insurance Policy.

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