U.S. Coast Guard Birthday Trivia



It’s U.S. Coast Guard Birthday Week. In celebration, here are some trivia questions to test your knowledge of the U.S. Coast Guard. As a bonus, check out some impressive training and operational photos. 


Q1: Who is known as the "Father of the Coast Guard"? (hint: their last name is associated with a popular Broadway musical) (source) 

  1. Alexander Hamilton 
  2. Rogers and Hammerstein 
  3. James Madison 


Q2: What actor served in the United States Coast Guard Reserve? (source) 


  1. Kurt Russel 
  2. Jeff Bridges 
  3. Patrick Swayze 


Q3: Who is the only recipient of a Medal of Honor in the United States Coast Guard and is credited with saving "Chesty Puller"? (source) 

  1. Douglas Munro 
  2. Red Erwin 
  3. Henry Johnson 


Q4: What United States Coast Guard team was deployed in Afghanistan? (source) 

  1. Redeployment Assistance and Inspection Detachment (RAID) Team 
  2. Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta 
  3. Seal Team 6 


Q5: Which Coast Guard Mascot was famously banned from Greenland? (source) 


  1. Campbell 
  2. Sinbad
  3. Gumbie 


Q6: Where is the oldest boat station? 


  1. Sandy Hook, New Jersey 
  2. Boston, Massachusetts 
  3. New Haven, Connecticut 


Q7: Which department is the Coast Guard part of?  


  1. Department of the Navy 
  2. Department of Defense  
  3. Department of Homeland Security 


Q8: How many official flags does the Coast Guard have? 


  2. 3 


Q9: What is the name of the first Coast Guard cutter? 


  1. Eagle  
  2. Vigilant 
  3. Massachusetts 


Q10: What are the Coast Guard Core Values? 


1: Honor, Courage, Commitment 

2: Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in all that we do 

3: Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty 


 Look for the answers to be updated on Friday, August 6th 




How well do you know the U.S. Coast Guard? Share your answers in the comments. 

 DVIDS Air Station Traverse City.jpgAir Station Traverse City conducts hoist training in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. DVIDS



DVIDS Coast Guard Cutter Eagle USAA Community.jpgCoast Guard Cutter Eagle Conducts Training DVIDS


DVIDS Fox Islands USAA Community.jpg

Maritime security exercise near Fox Island, WA DVIDS




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