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Traveling Empty-Nesters | USAA Member Community

Leave the diaper bags, strollers, and baby bottles behind. No need for family boarding. No need to worry about all the stares during a temper tantrum!


Why? You're a Traveling Empty-Nester!


C’mon admit it! You have the urge to go on a little vacation now and then. In the past, you probably traveled by car to a well-known amusement park with the kids. Or, maybe you took a “Stay-cation” and had a little weekend getaway with the children somewhere near your home. But now, the kids are on their own and you’ve got someplace you wanna go.


So, what do you do? You pack a bag and get on your way.


Nothing’s holding you back. You don’t feel guilty since the kiddos are out of the house and on their own. Your kids are probably having a blast right this minute, while you’re sitting around reading this. Let’s change things up a bit. Go spoil yourself with a little vacation!


Now that you’re an empty-nester, a few things start to change in your life. The first thing you probably noticed was all the silence in the house. The crickets seem loud. Silence is golden and you're approaching those golden years. You might even keep the radio or TV on just for the noise.


That’s the first sign you need a Vaca, pronounced VAY-KAY, which is the code word for VACATION, in case you didn’t know!


Maybe you finally noticed the fact your list of chores just got bigger. Those extra helpers around the house live elsewhere now, so guess what? Do you really need to add more tasks to your to-do list or is it time to get away for a bit?


So, you finally decide to take a trip. Let's say you decide to visit your kids who now live out of town. Since it's not a family trip, you no longer need to buy as many tickets. That’s good news. You can spend your hard-earned cash on the kids, but in their neck of the woods.


You get to pack fewer items too. This trip is all about packing as much or as little as you like - although you might decide to load up on souvenirs while you're visiting.


OK, so here’s your chance to get away for a spell. You’ve earned it. You now have your empty-nester status and can join the ranks of those who raised kids and are now ready to raise the roof.


Not so fast, don’t get too excited. Make sure to be wise, stay safe and don’t celebrate you new-found freedom to the extreme. Make sure to have fun, but be responsible.


Becoming an empty-nester is a unique chapter in the journey called parenthood. I hope you get a chance to make that transition from traveling to kid-oriented vacation spots to places that empty-nesters flock.


Where do you go for vacation as an empty-nester? What made you decide on a particular location?


All “kidding” aside (excuse the pun), tell us about your empty-nester excursions below!

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