Tips to Consider Before You Submit that Online Job Application



Ever wonder why you never get a call after a date?


In this case, the “date” is the day you submit an online job application!


Unfortunately, you may never get a call the day after; much less hear the reasons why you didn’t get the job. If you ever got the chance to talk to the people you interviewed with, they might say something like this:


• We tried to call you, but we had the wrong number for you.
• We emailed you weeks ago. You didn’t respond, so we hired someone else.
• Your résumé looked great, but your cover letter had a competing company mentioned in it.
• The correct spelling of the company name (Hiring Manager’s name, product name) is…
• The person we hired has a specific credential and they uploaded proof of this on their online application. You should have listed that and uploaded the associated documentation too!
• We called your Professional References, but only 1 out of 3 knew anything about your new career move.
• We contacted your Personal References and they said they hadn’t spoken to you in ages.
• When we checked your online footprint, we didn’t like what we saw.
• We noticed you applied for several positions at our company. What truly interests you?
• Résumé? What résumé? We never got your fax. Did you get a confirmation?
• Your résumé looked nicely formatted, but not a single Keyword matched the job.
• When we called you, your voicemail did not include your name. Since we couldn’t verify it was you, we didn’t leave a message.


So, the key is to make sure you check and double check all that you submit, as well as the peripheral connections to your online job application. That means you need to think about and correct anything and everything that could potentially keep you from getting the job.


Sometimes it helps to get a fresh set of eyeballs on your online job application BEFORE you click SUBMIT. Check for any spelling errors, verify names, and check specifics and correct these things. You can do the same with your résumé and cover letter too.


Don’t forget to include documents that support your application. Most online job applications allow you to upload these supporting documents. Make sure to “translate” any that might not make sense to the non-Military eye.


Reach out to each and every Reference – whether Professional or Personal. Re-connect and let them know what you’re up to. This can be especially helpful in your efforts in case you need to emphasize a particular skill or experience that you may not have pointed out in the cover letter.


Clean up your online web presence! Make sure your social media footprint reflects the best of you!


Don’t sprinkle your résumé by applying for multiple job openings at a particular company! You’ll only come across as uncertain, “wishy-washy”, or otherwise confused as to what you want to do for a living.


Although we all tend to be reliant on technology these days, you absolutely need to figure out a way to verify that your résumé and online application got through. The easiest way is to make sure your email address is correct when you apply as the initial communication with a prospective employer tends to be via email. Have contact with an actual human? Even better!


One of the keys to success is using KEYWORDS! Remember, computers screen your résumé before people do.


And finally, professional protocol dictates that your voicemail message should include your name! Your greeting should exude professionalism. You need to speak clearly. You need to create and record a message that’s designed for professional communication, not your Friends. And, make sure you record your greeting in a quiet place.


I hope these tips help you! When you overlook the tiny details, you simply set yourself up for huge setbacks. Paying close attention to those seemingly insignificant particulars can pay off in the long run.


My hope is that your phone will ring the day after your Submit date.


Have a tip that helped you land a job when submitting an online application? Share your experience below: