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In light of the recent headlines involving the Veterans Administrations, I thought you might appreciate a few other items of interest to the Veteran Community:


For Veterans in need of Legal support, a recent conference provided a discussion on some important topics. The Department of Veterans Affairs hosted the first-ever national forum which included law schools and agencies that provide free legal assistance to Veterans.
This conference, known as Vet Law 2014, included discussions of how legal issues can lead to homelessness and other situations seem to have come to the forefront during this conference.
Additionally, numerous legal issues were discussed, including: legal assistance for eviction and foreclosure prevention; child support issues; outstanding warrants and fines; accessing public benefits; guardianship; clearing up bad credit; expunging criminal records; and family law matters, such as child support, child custody and divorce.


Learn more about the Vet Law 2014 on the VA website.


Survey Says!


The Veterans Administration recently released the results of a Customer Satisfaction Survey. According to the press release:


“The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), an independent customer service survey, ranks the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) customer satisfaction among Veteran patients among the best in the nation and equal to or better than ratings for private sector hospitals.”


“In 2013, the overall ACSI satisfaction index for VA was 84 for inpatient care and 82 for outpatient care, which compares favorably with the U.S. hospital industry (scores of 80 and 83, respectively). Since 2004, the ACSI survey has consistently shown that Veterans give VA hospitals and clinics a higher customer satisfaction score, on average, than patients give private sector hospitals.


These overall scores are based on specific feedback on customer expectations, perceived value and quality, responsiveness to customer complaints, and customer loyalty. One signature finding for 2013 is the continuing high degree of loyalty to VA among Veterans, with a score of 93 percent favorable. This score has remained high (above 90 percent) for the past ten years.”


Similar surveys conducted since the year 2004 included no more than 260 participants in any given year, as shown in both the VHA Inpatient Survey and VHA Outpatient Survey.


It is important that you keep the lines of communication open each and every time you visit the VA! Make sure to let them how things are going – whether good or bad.


Pass GO and Pay 5 Cents More for Your SGLI


According to a recent VA Press Release:


“The Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) program will adjust its monthly premium rate from 6.5 cents per $1,000 back to the 2006 rate of seven cents per $1,000 of insurance, a modest increase to ensure the SGLI program remains in a strong financial position.”


Read more about it on the VA website.


High Hopes on the Ski Slopes


In case you missed it, check the VA website and associated contacts then mark your calendar! The National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic offered 400 of our Brothers & Sisters in Arms an opportunity to participate in some exciting cold weather sports!


And, in case you didn’t get a chance to compete in Sochi this year, countless Paralympic Events happen year round all across the globe!


Here’s the link to the VA website so you can get in contact with the VA and Disabled American Veterans (DAV)!