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It seems that as technology advances, we adopt the lingo and jargon from this growing industry by adding new words to our vocabulary. You’ve heard people refer to “2.0”, “ping”, or “multitasking” – all words that started in the technology world and now exist as common language. Each year more and more computer terms enter our everyday speech.


One such term from tech-speak helps describe a type of resume I’d like to recommend to you today. That term is known as “Plug & Play”. (also abbreviated as PNP) You’re probably very familiar with this term.


Merriam-Webster defines Plug & Play like this:


“computers : a feature of a computer system that makes it possible for the computer to use a device as soon as it is connected to the computer”


You might also be familiar with various Plug & Play items such as a computer mouse, an external speaker, or some other cool computer device you commonly use. The idea is that you simply PNP.


I’d like to suggest to you that you need a resume that’s a Plug & Play too. This is a general resume that pretty much covers all the bases for you. This is the resume that contains all the facts and figures about you.


Think about this PNP Resume as a document you can easily modify given the job opportunity. For example, imagine you get an email alert about a job announcement. You wanna get your resume in quickly, but you don’t have a version of your resume that meets the needs of this job opportunity.


What to do?


You pull into a coffee shop or other Wi-Fi enabled location. You log into email or the cloud. Then you access this PNP Resume. Based on the job requirements, you add or delete items on your resume. You save it under a new file name. Then you apply for the job!


By having a Plug & Play Resume, you can build upon or delete specific irrelevant information and customize it for this specific job.


Think about the PNP Resume like this:


  • Most people work hard to get just one great resume. Once you’ve got one, it makes more sense to MODIFY it rather than re-invent the wheel each time you apply for another position.
  • By saving each updated version of the PNP Resume, you build a set of additional resumes that can be slightly modified to meet the needs of similar opportunities. For example, you take your PNP Resume and modify it for a management position and save it under the prospective employer’s name. Next time you find another management position opportunity, use this updated resume as your MANAGEMENT POSITION PNP RESUME.
  • Create a folder to organize your PNP Resume and associated versions of it.
  • Make sure to save your Cover Letter within the same file as the PNP Resumes – this will make it easier for you to locate past job search activities AND will help you locate some of your best versions of PNP Resumes that you might wish to use as future starting points.
  • Keep an eye out for great resumes that can help you improve your PNP Resume.
  • Save your PNP Resume in the various types of resume formats. This will also save you time when you need to submit a resume in a specific manner.
  • Email your best Plug & Play Resume to yourself for easy access.

I personally keep numerous variations of my resume on file in my computer along with the Cover Letters I’ve sent to Hiring Managers or Recruiters over the years. When I need to put something together for a job opportunity, I don’t waste much time sifting through old files OR creating a new resume or a cover letter from scratch. I can focus on getting as specific as possible on highlighting pertinent skills, emphasizing my experiences that can benefit the company, and delivering a winning resume. You can too!


Over time, you’ll be able to draw from a pool of PNP Resumes that resonate well with Hiring Managers and result in phone interviews, LIVE interviews, and positive comments about your resume.


Remember, the PNP Resume is helpful in getting you prepared for the next step – an interview! By using this Plug & Play Resume as the foundation for future resumes, you can build success upon success!


Have something to add to this article? Share your insights below in the comments.

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