The Benefits of Working the Booth at the Convention

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The Benefits of Working the Booth at the Convention - USAA Member Community



Conventions, conventions, conventions! Those huge meetings that attract large groups of like-minded people making the pilgrimage to a convention center located in a major tourist city! These events result in opportunities to connect with old friends, network with new people, and learn about the latest advances within your field.

As a new employee, you might find some benefit to working at your company’s booth at one of these conferences. After your initial New Employee Orientation and initial training, attendance as an exhibitor at a corporate booth during a trade show can help set the stage for your future success.

Here are some things to think about:


  • By working at the booth, you’ll be surrounded by more senior employees that can help you bridge the gap between classroom learning (your initial training) and the real-world at the workplace.

  • By working at a booth, you’ll possibly find out about previously unknown company perks and other cool stuff happening at the company. Seek and Ye shall find!

  • Customers walk up to your booth and share first-hand experiences with your company’s product or service. This helps you understand the voice of the customer.

  • Next to your booth you’ll find hundreds of other booths. You can take a break at some point during your booth duty and walk around to discover what the competitive landscape looks like (from afar) and learn what your customer might be thinking about in terms of all the available products out there. Learn the differences or similarities between your product and others on the market.

  • Booth duty provides a chance for you to personally network with other people who provide products and services to the same type of customer. This can help you in the long run as they might provide opportunities to grow your business and vice versa.

  • Working a booth means that corporate royalty will probably be in attendance! These conventions provide a chance for meetings with key customers. You can build your internal network by meeting people that exist much higher on the organization chart than you do. You can share your willingness to help the team during such interactions.

  • Working a booth results in increased booth traffic once a keynote speaker or other lecturer gives a presentation related to your product or service. Ideally, someone from your company will attend such lectures and can bring you up to speed as to what was presented before the crowds gather.

  • Booth work provides a sort of “baptism by fire” as you need to be ready for lots of unexpected questions and interactions. You will learn quickly.

Even though you may be a new employee, getting to work a booth at a major convention can shorten your learning curve for sure! You will be partnered with a seasoned veteran from your company and that provides a mentorship situation which can help you progress faster if you manage things effectively.

So, now you have a new opportunity to consider as a new employee. You can volunteer to attend a major convention and reap the benefits of working the corporate booth.


What other benefits have you discovered while working a booth?





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