School started for many recently and a new school year is in full swing! One of the earliest things students learn is their ABCs. Job-hunting is something we start from time-to-time. Some basic, fundamentals need to be in place in order to succeed at landing a job.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, jobless claims fell by 12,000 to 409,000 in the week ended Aug. 27, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington.

Whether you're employed or unemployed, the risk still remains. I thought it might be a good idea to go back to the basics and share a list of ABCs that might help you in case you need to search for work.

Here we go!

Ask around for potential career opportunities.

Beware of scams or attempts to obtain personal information using false job postings.

Create several versions of your resume to use in specific situations.

Decide what career path is right for you.

Evaluate your skills and abilities to discover what you enjoy and do best.

Figure out the risks and benefits of taking that job.

Get good advice from people who can actually help you.

Help others along the way and share your experiences with them.

Investigate companies to learn more about how your skills might benefit them.

Join a group that can help you get the career you deserve.

Keep good records on your conversations, research, and contacts for future use.

Learn everything you can about a prospective employer so you show a genuine interest and value.

Make a list of potential employers, contacts, and your skills and refer to it often.

Never go to bed at night without doing at least one thing that will help move you closer to success.

Open your eyes to new opportunities that you might not even considered.

Prepare extensively for every interview, every meeting, every phone call, every introduction, etc.

Questions you ask now help minimize surprises later.

Review your resume to see if it aligns with and matches closely to the job you're applying for.

Seek the help of trusted people who have your best interests in mind.

Take a break from the job-hunting process just long enough to get refocused and positive.

Utilize all available resources provided by the military, your friends, the internet, etc.

Visualize success in everything related to your career search.

Watch out for people or activities that can take you off course or otherwise waste your time.

X marks the spot. Finding the right place to work might take a while, but just like following a buried treasure map, the rewards can be great.

Yes is the answer to the question: Can I find a great career?

Zero in on the right career opportunity.

Letters create words. Words create sentences. Sentences create paragraphs. My hope is that you create a story of success that tells the tale of you getting the career you want and deserve. It all starts with knowing your ABCs!

All the best and continued success in your job-hunting efforts!