Telling The Army Story is a new initiative that outlines the keys to helping others understand the Army story. With so much confusion about what the military does, the Army uncovered an unmet need - providing an easy-to-use guide that makes it easy to tell others what Military life is all about.

Telling The Army Story offers clues to clearer communication to assist everyone in uniform and Military Spouses, too. This program highlights the importance of showing the pride and strength of this branch of service. Telling the story also helps strengthen the connection to the American public by explaining, in simple terms, what the Army does for America and abroad.

This unique program offers suggestions on how to tell your story:

Know your audience and recognize that the same message is not always appropriate for everyone.

Connect with your audience by listening first, find common ground, and showing how your role in the Military affects their lives.

Speak from experience and with conviction by sharing personal stories, explaining the scope of your work, and how your job fits into the overall mission.

I write this on a very controversial article published recently which produced shockwaves throughout the Military Spouse Community. This article went viral in a matter of hours and you can read it here.

I believe we have entirely too many people speaking on our behalf. Whether you're Active Duty, Retired, Prior Service, or a Military Spouse or Family Member, regardless of your branch of service, your voice needs to be heard. My guess is that the confusion surrounding this article happened due to discussing Military Spouse with an extremely small sample of people. Not enough of YOUR story was heard!

So, let's make it a point to share your unique story in the spirit in which the Army suggests in the Telling The Army Story guide.

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