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Do you want to get ahead in the hiring process? If so, you need to do what others won’t do.


You may never know how you’re doing in the interview process, but you can improve your chances of getting hired. It all comes down to what you can do in order to outshine the other candidates. Now, you usually don’t know who you’re competing against for a particular position, but you can do some things that will show why you need to be considered.


Here’s a set of 3 things you can do in order to get ahead:


1. Get Your Papers In Order.


Adding certifications and supporting documents to your online application is something that’s easy to do and can set you apart from the rest of the applicants. Pay close attention to those online application programs and what do you see? Usually, there’s a section where you can upload additional documents over and above just your résumé and cover letter.


You can upload all your certifications. This is your opportunity to prove your worth! Make sure you have clean copies of documents that show your current certifications and add this to your online application. You can also upload any supporting documentation that reinforces your applications. Examples of this might include, but not limited to; letter of commendation, class evaluations, etc. Re-read the job description, minimum requirements, and preferred qualifications sections of the job listing and upload documents that support your skill level in these areas.


2. Talk to your Peeps!


Keeping your references updated on your career search, job applications, and interviews is a key factor in getting ahead in the hiring process. Make sure to supply all of your Professional and Personal References with an updated copy of your résumé. Take some time to walk them through this information. Provide some talking points if necessary so they can articulate your experience and/or remember things that happened years ago. Provide information on the position you’re applying for.


If a prospective employer asks for references, you need to be ready. And, your references need to be ready too! Once their phones start ringing, an appropriately prepared reference will set you apart from other people applying for the same position.


3. Sure, I’ll Meet With You On Saturday!


The last thing on our list of things that can help you get ahead in the hiring process involves your willingness to meet with the prospective Employer anytime, anyplace, anywhere! You need to be flexible to them more so than the other way around. You should NEVER be too busy to take a call or make a meeting when the new job is on the line! If you miss a call, make every effort to call back ASAP.


Whether it’s on a Saturday in person at a coffee shop, or a SKYPE session on weekends, you need to make yourself available. How bad to you want the job? If the same call went out to someone else who wants the same job, how would you feel if they got the job instead? You need to be highly responsive and flexible in order to increase your chances of getting hired. This is not just a Monday – Friday thing.


Remember, the people that may hire you have more down time on the weekends. There’s no rush to move onto next interview or work task, so you might have a more relaxed conversation. This uninterrupted, quality time provides extra time for you to connect.


Make the best use of these 3 ideas on how to get ahead in the hiring process!


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