I'm not a Military Spouse or Homemaker, but I'm married to one! My Wife supported my military career up until my last day in uniform back in 1994 and continues that support to this day during Civilian life. I could always count on her to be the best "CINC House" or "Household 6" ever as she not only kept our home running smoothly, she found time to help other Homemakers in our units too!

The other thing I could expect was a specific "Honey-Do List" during the summer! As warmer or hotter months approached, this list designated when time came to bring out the summer clothes. My job was to haul those "heavy boxes of style" or "plastic containers of fashion" from storage. That heavy-lifting part was fun as I was in great shape back then. Then came the "fun" part; trying on the clothes. Groan!

Military folks rarely have to wake up and decide what they're wearing to work each day. Back in those days, it was more a matter of style choice when off-duty. Now, I'm talking about Civilian clothes here. Either the clothes were "In" or they were "Out" of style. Having been part of a Combat Arms unit in the U.S. Army Field Artillery meant my civvies generally fit me, so just when I thought I'd avoid my most un-favorite pastime known as clothes shopping, my Wife said those 5 Dreaded Words, "That is out of style!", followed by 5 more unsavory words, "Let's go to the mall!"

So she dragged me to the mall like a duffle bag. "Do you want some cheese with this whine?" she'd say. (She doesn't miss anything. Even those sayings I thought were exclusive to the workplace.) Anyway, I'd cooperate and graduate. The end result: "Standin' tall & lookin' good! Ought to be in Hollywood!"

As for the old clothing, we usually donated it or sold it at a garage sale. But, some clothing items never seem to go out of style. At least from my military perspective, that is!

Do you know anybody who owns enough military gear to open up a military surplus store?

They probably live with you!

Like many other Veterans, I tend to hang onto old military stuff. Ribbons, medals, rank, badges, headgear, unit patches, unit crests, boots, and old uniforms accumulated over time. Once upon a time while on active duty, these cherished military items and equipment used to be stored in one standard issue duffle bag. Maybe two! After the service, I had enough extra personal stuff to outfit a small army! As these post-military years passed, I'd take a virtual walk down memory lane from time-to-time, each item taking me back to the unique experiences of military life.

Then one day, your Spouse gets a hold of it and says something like, "Do you really need 7 of the same unit patch?"

Last I checked, ALL of my old military gear now fits into a small O.D. Green bag about the size of a kid's lunch box. What happened to all my stuff? For me, military gear never goes out of style!

What can you expect from your Homemaker this Summer?