While Spring Break 2012 might not be a good time to visit a college campus, it's the ideal time to make it a spring-board for a new career. Check out these tips on how you can make the best of this time of year!

Take a Tour

If you plan things right, a tour of a prospective company might be worth your time. If the virtual tour of the corporate headquarters from your computer screen just doesn't do it for you, why not schedule a tour at a company you'd like to work for? Instead of wondering what that new process, product, or person looks like, get on the schedule for a guided tour of the company headquarters during your Spring Break! See first-hand what this company has to offer. (And bring your resume!)

Take a Friend to Lunch

Gotta Friend who works at a company you're eager to work for? Get on their calendar for lunch during Spring Break! Chances are, you'll have some time off, but your Friend won't. Let's face it; your Friends spend countless hours at work with little breaks from the normal routine. By inviting them to lunch, you can give them a break from the daily grind while learning more about the opportunities available at the company. You'll both be better for it!

Take Note

An honest assessment of how much progress you've made helps guide your next move. One simple method involves grading your progress based on tasks or categories on a scale from 1 to 10. (Ten being the highest score for each task or category.) For example, take out a piece of paper and grade yourself in the following areas; Interview Skills, Resume, Dress Code, Speaking Plain English, References, etc. Spend some time thinking about how well you perform in each of these areas (or any particular area you feel needs attention) and make some notes on how you can improve these areas. Don't forget to pat yourself on the back for those areas that you score high on (say 7-10 points). After that, use what you learned in order to make a plan to succeed!

Take a Break

If you're in the job hunt for long, you might occasionally feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. The constant stream of online applications, phone interviews, career fairs, and resume rewrites take a toll on you if you let it. Maybe Spring Break is your time to regroup, reorganize, and refocus. Take this time to adjust your game plan. Spend a day working on a hobby, hanging out with Family or Friends, or just doing things to take your mind off the career search for a short time. You'll be recharged, re-energized, and ready for more as a result!

Take Action

If you could do just one thing to boost your chances of getting a new career this Spring Break, what would it be?