It's that time of year again! SPRING BREAK! Where will you go this year? Is it chillin' in Cancun or Cabo? Will you be partyin' in Pensacola or Puerto Rico? Enjoying your "Vaca" (pronounced "VAY-CAY") in Venice or Vegas? Or sippin' soft drinks in Scottsdale or South Padre Island? How far will you go this Spring Break?

But, I've got a better question: How far will you go for a job?

Spring Break is a great time for you to travel to your favorite location, but why not consider this brief pause as an opportunity to get hired? I guess you could measure "going the distance" in terms of miles traveled, but what about in terms of creativity and initiative, or maybe even pure, in-your-face persistence? Reality TV Shows broadcast the lives of people trying to make it big. Ok, so maybe you can't get in front of Donald Trump or Chef Gordon Ramsay or the Shark Tank people, but you can surely test the merits, risks, and potential rewards of thinking outside the box in order to get that job, couldn't you?

Now in some cases, depending on your Spring Break vacation location, you might end up playing a party game called Limbo. That's the dance game where you attempt to bend-over backwards while going underneath a pole. I think you get the picture. Please keep reading.

Hmmm. When you do the Limbo, you often hear people chanting, "How low can you go?" Bending over backwards, going the extra mile, going above & beyond, creative job hunting techniques, nice segue!

How low can you go? Not too far I hope, unless it's distance. How far will you go? That's up to you! How far should you go? I guess that depends on how badly you want the job.

Just for fun, I've compiled a bunch of links to websites that demonstrate some creative (and sometimes crazy) things people have done in order to get hired.

Standing on the street with a sign: I Don't Want Your Money, I Want a Job

Ladies in India get their hair cut or wear wigs for airline job

Ted Williams: The Golden Voice U.S. Army Veteran makes a comeback

Would you lie about having children in order to get a job?

Buy a Billboard, Take A Flight, Sandwich Boards, Singing, or T-Shirts? How Far Would You Go?

Leveraging Social Media Skills to get a job

From Protester to Investor: How One Occupy Wall Street Participant Got The Job

My advice to you when it comes to some of these ways to get hired — PROCEED WITH CAUTION! You don't want to harm your reputation or otherwise play the fool.

But, with some spot-on creativity and well-planned approaches, you can in fact set yourself apart and get noticed in such a way that you get the job you want. Use your best judgment or ask a trusted Friend before you attempt these or any other things that might come across as a gimmick. You only have one chance to make a good first impression — yes, I know you've heard that saying before, but it never hurts to remember that sage advice.

What are your plans to demonstrate how far will you go for a job this Spring Break and in the future?
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