It's summertime! Time to stay cool while looking for sizzling career opportunities!

Let's have some fun!

Take out a piece of paper and number it from 1 to 10. Now, make a list of what you think are the Top 10 Sizzling Career Opportunities for 2011!

Take your time. Think about what careers might make the list. Are you ready?

Here's a list of hints:

  1. This career tops the list because we depend on this every day.
  2. If you like numbers, this career is something you can count on. Problem solved!
  3. It's all about risky business, actually! The fact that this sizzling career ranks third is no accident.
  4. If you follow sports or trends, you might score big in this career - in all probability, of course.
  5. When this crashes, someone experienced in this career can help. All systems go!
  6. Whether you're wrong or right in this career, you'll probably keep your job for a few seasons.
  7. That's life!
  8. "Four score and seven years ago" was not part of her story.
  9. Leave your message after the beep.
  10. You might get lots of silver, gold, and maybe even a few crowns in this career.

CareerCast publishes a list of Top 10 Best Jobs and selects these sizzling career opportunities based on several factors, including: Physical Demands, Work Environment, Income, Outlook (Job Growth), and Stress.

Now, let's see how you did in guessing the Top 10:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Mathematician
  3. Actuary
  4. Statistician
  5. Computer Systems Analyst
  6. Meteorologist
  7. Biologist
  8. Historian
  9. Audiologist
  10. Dental Hygienist
How many did you guess correctly?

More importantly, what do you think about the Top 10 Best Jobs?

Learn more about what these Sizzling Career Opportunities are all about: