According to the New York Department of Labor, the current practice by corporate personnel is to give each resume a quick glance (10 - 20 seconds), discard those that appear disorganized or too wordy, and file the rest. On the average, only one or two out of 100 resumes mailed will result in an interview. That's 2 percent! (Just like milk.)

In this blog post, I'll share some Resume Tips That Rock. Here we go!

  • Be honest in everything you write in your resume.
  • Quantify everything that you can measure. For example:

Led a team of 12 and personally reduced medical errors in the hospital by 40% in three months.


Trained a group of 100 people using certification prep course I developed and 100% passed on first attempt.

  • Create a resume for each specific job you are interviewing for.
  • Know what resume format the employer prefers. Resume formats change from time-to-time so you may hear stories of what the latest and greatest resume format is. But when it comes to using an "Objective" on your resume think about this: If you put the wrong Objective and the right career opportunity comes up, you lose! By leaving the Objective out, you open up more chances to be considered for positions available at a company. A potential employer may read your objective and eliminate you from consideration since your objective does not match the company's objective, job title, or position.
  • Have a list of current references. Call the references to make sure they know your plans. You cannot afford to have a reference that is not ready to speak on your behalf. The idea here is to have continuity between your interviews, your intentions, and your references.
  • Explain the military stuff in simple terms employers can understand (learn more on my blog article called Learning To Speak English Again).
  • Include your email address and phone number on your resume. Having both included allows employers to easily contact you, especially if you have limited internet access or cannot be reached by phone.
  • Make sure your email address is something that's respectable. If it could make your grandmother blush, get a new one. (That's a new email address, not a new grandmother!).
  • You may have heard the old saying; "You only have one chance to make a first impression." Email addresses can give off the wrong ideas about you and hinder progress toward a successful civilian career. When in doubt, the best thing you can do is simply sign up for a new email address and use the following format:
  • Spell check your resume!

In a nutshell, your resume should not look like you basically just showed up for work each day. This is an opportunity to showcase your talent! Don't be shy! What's missing from your resume, which if added to it, will get results?

The effect on the employer should be: "Your Resume Says You May!"

Does it?

Hope this helps!