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When you’re the new kid on the block at the workplace, you come in with a fresh perspective. You’re not jaded by anything at all – you’re completely positive and happy to be there.

I believe you should ride this “happy wave” for as long as humanly possible. Why? Because you have a lot riding on this – your long-term career!


I’ve been a newbie several times in my career. I’ve taken gambles career-wise, and lost due to mergers or downsizing. All-in-all, I’d say that each situation resulted in me being a much better and wiser person. The things you cannot control at the workplace often present learning opportunities that will somehow reveal their true value later down the road. Time & again, I’ve found this to be true.


Here is a list of 11 things to help you transition into your new role:


  • Go in with a positive attitude. Try to see that glass as half FULL rather than half empty.
  • If your company recently got bought by a larger company, expect some uncertainty for sure, but keep in mind who bought whom. Make no mistake about it, the ways of old will be a thing of the past someday. Be on the right side of this change.
  • Keep more of an open mind, more of an open ear, and more of a closed mouth when you’re new.
  • Meet as many people as you can, but don’t rush to judgement on your initial impressions of people. After all, you’re new and people need to get to know what you’re all about before revealing more about themselves.
  • When confronted with strong opinions from others, just take it all in and get a feel for where your new workplace is strongest, weakest, and where you can make an impact.
  • Be like a sponge when it comes to learning your new job! Absorb as much as you can, but make sure to check your understanding of what you learn.
  • Hang out with the Team. Go to breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the group and get to know them – and let them get to know you too!
  • Manage up! Your new Manager or Supervisor needs to know more about you as you work together to set goals, learn your job, and get situated in your new role.
  • Join an Employee group. Your company probably has many social or networking groups available for you to get involved in. These might be formal or informal. Whether it’s a bowling league, softball team, or demographic-style group, consider getting signed up and connected as soon as possible.
  • Check your work. As a newbie, you’ll want to take extra steps to make sure you’re on the right track with your work. Seek out those who can help you stay on track to succeed.
  • Remain teachable! No matter how much experience you bring to the table, you need to keep learning new things. Keep an open mind to new ways of approaching the same problems you’ve seen before. You might be quick to connect the dots on how to solve a problem, but you can add to your versatility by absorbing new perspectives from others.


What things helped you as a new Employee? What approach helped you succeed in your new company?




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