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Professional development is critical in any profession, organization, and at any career stage. Finding helpful, interesting, and timely professional resources for career development for free is essential. Professional development is the ongoing search for knowledge to improve your current skills, develop new skills, understand emerging trends, and validate existing knowledge in a way that makes your current job performance more effective.


In part one of this series highlighting free professional development resources, I shared some of my favorite business-related books. Be sure to check out the list and let me know what I should be reading.


Up next in the series, a list of 10 business, technology and innovation podcasts you might enjoy:


Business podcasts"


  • A Call To Lead: Jennifer Morgan runs a global multi-billion-dollar technology business spanning three continents and thousands of people and customers. She believes the best leaders are perpetual learners, and she wants you to join her on a leadership journey as she takes you inside the room for authentic, candid conversations with some of the world’s top executives, biggest thinkers, and boldest change agents.

  • Marketplace Morning Report. Start the day with the Marketplace Morning Report podcast by APM with level-headed host David Brancaccio. Listen on demand to hear global perspectives in radio applied to business and news topics relevant to the day ahead.

  • Planet Money: Helping you make sense of our rapidly changing global economy. NPR's Planet Money highlights high rollers, brainy economists and financial experts to keep you up to date on the fiscal world.

  • The Economist Radio. An international business journal discussing the greatest economic challenges across the globe.

  • WSJ What’s News. Stay on top of the latest news headlines from the WSJ Radio Network. The Wall Street Journal What’s News podcast is updated every morning, noon and night with the top stories from around the globe.

Technology & Innovation Podcasts

  • Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher. Popular Silicon Valley journalist hosts candid interviews with tech execs, politicians, celebrities and more about their big ideas and how they’re changing our world.

  • The Economist: Babbage. Named after Charles Babbage, a 19th-century polymath and grandfather of computing, Babbage is a weekly podcast on science and technology. Host Kenneth Cukier talks to correspondents about the innovations, discoveries and gadgetry making the news.

  • The Knowledge Project. The Knowledge Project takes you inside the heads of remarkable people to explore the frameworks and mental models you can use to make life more meaningful and productive.

  • This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast. This Week in Machine Learning & AI is the most popular podcast of its kind. TWiML & AI caters to a highly-targeted audience of machine learning & AI enthusiasts. They are data scientists, developers, founders, CTOs, engineers, architects, IT & product leaders, as well as tech-savvy business leaders.

  • WSJ’s The Future of Everything. Discover what comes next with this in-depth look at how science and technology are revolutionizing the way we live, work and play. Join host Jennifer Strong every Wednesday as she crisscrosses the country to interview the leaders and luminaries reshaping our world. 


Make the most out of your commute or workout by adding podcasts to your routine. Improving skills and business acumen is important to development. At the end of the day, effective professional development should help you feel more informed and more prepared to be effective at your current job. In addition, good career development should help you spot the trends and developments to appreciate and understand and, most importantly, which ones to ignore.


Share your advice – What is your favorite professional development podcast?


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