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There are lots of overlooked resources for military to civilian career transition that can create a much more pleasant, effective, and less stressful departure from the military to a civilian career.


Here are the locations of some great, free resources that can help enable a great career transition.


Mentorship. Mentorship in transition is absolutely crucial because you don’t know what you don’t know.  Mentors help answer these critical questions, review resumes, and help connect you to their network. 


  • Veterati. Veterati is both an in person and a remote military veteran mentoring community that helps military veterans take the next step in their careers. Veterati is an innovative mentorship platform that makes being a mentor and finding mentors effortless. Connecting job-seekers to mentors at scale is phase 1 of Veterati’s greater mission: to transform job search from a painful experience into an inspiring journey. 
    Site: Veterati -

  • American Corporate Partners (ACPUSA). American Corporate Partners (ACP) is another country wide military veteran mentoring program to help military veterans understand the corporate landscape and translate their skills and experience effectively into corporate careers across the United States and all industries. ACP connects post-9/11 veterans (Protégés) with corporate professionals (Mentors) for yearlong, customized mentorships. ACP assists veterans on their path towards fulfilling, long-term careers, whether the veteran is job searching or newly employed. 
    Site: American Corporate Partners -

  • Local Chamber of Commerce. Nearly every city of every size has a local chamber of commerce that is composed of local, regional, and national companies. The local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to connect to community business leaders for mentorship and support.
    Site: Google "chamber of commerce" for your local city and county.


Interview Support. Preparing resumes, interviewing, and dressing for interviews is always challenging no matter your experience level.  The following resources can help you with your interviews, improve your skills, and prepare to be successful.


  • Kahn Academy. Often times interviews require updating and / or refreshing skills, knowledge, and other critical areas. The Kahn Academy offers high quality, free, and up-to-date video classes.
    Site: Kahn Academy -

  • Job Interviewing. Interview success involves watching quality videos that contain effective and non-promotional ways to succeed.
    Site: Google "Job interview" and and select “VIDEO” tab to watch.


Resume Support & Job Finding Experts. Finding people who can review resumes as well as connect you to job opportunities can be a constant challenge.  Use these resources to help.


An effective career transition from the military starts with maximizing your network and available career resources. Use these resources to find mentors, improve interview skills, and find specific military veteran employment specialists at the local level.


How have you successfully transitioned out of the military? Share your tips & resources that enabled an effective military to civilian career transition!


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Author Biography: Chad Storlie is a Retired US Army Officer, the author of Combat Leader to Corporate Leader and has published over 250 articles in over 150 publications on military veterans, career advancement, business, leadership, strategy, education, financial planning, and national security topics.  Chad excels as an author, mentor, speaker, and teacher showing business leaders and military veterans how military skills make lives, careers, and businesses better.  Chad is an adjunct Professor of Marketing at Creighton University.  Chad has a BA from Northwestern University and an MBA from Georgetown University.  Follow Chad @CombatToCorp and