New Year’s Resolution - Fitness Ideas To Improve Your Job Performance



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It is New Year’s Resolution time again. Fitness, job performance, and goal setting are three that always seem to rise to the top each and every New Year.  This year combine them and let great things happen for your future.  Find fitness and professional development that excite you.


  1. Look for Ways to Combine Your Time – Fitness + Professional Learning. Starting the New Year with strong goals is great. Try to find ways to combine the two is always difficult. This year, choose audio books on professional topics, podcasts from industry leaders and listen to them during your workout. This is a great way to focus on your fitness, focus on learning, and do both together.
  2. Walking for Meetings & Mentorship. Walking meetings have always been popular. Use walking meetings as a way to get out of the office for a few minutes, take advantage of a beautiful day, or build a mentoring relationship outside the office. Even 15 minutes of walking is a great way to squeeze in some fitness, build a relationship, and find ways to have a meeting that builds a relationship and your heart.
  3. Find a Park to Innovate. Innovation, new business initiatives, and responding to competitive threats always take high levels of priority in the first quarter of the year. A lot of times, being away from the office, in some green space (or “white” space with the snow), and thinking about business challenges in different settings is an easier way to generate new ideas. Instead of a meeting room, pick a nearby park.
  4. Ease into Schedule Changes. New routines are difficult if you now plan to wake up at 4 AM for a 90 minutes workout. Instead, slowly change your schedule to incorporate your new fitness regime to ensure you stick with the changes throughout the year. Focus on improvement from where you were instead of adopting a schedule that is unrealistic to sustain throughout the year.
  5. Pick Fitness Options that Excite You. If the idea of going to the gym at 4:30 AM and doing pullups makes you throw the blankets over your head then it is time to find a new idea. Think about boxing lessons, or maybe a swim class or indoor cycling, or a different activity for every day of the week. Variety often helps new fitness options from becoming stale and also adds a great deal of fitness excitement if you dread the gym.
  6. Consider an Adventure Vacation. Some people love to do vacations of adventure races, backpacking, or bicycle trips through the countryside. Even if the vacation is a weekend, breaking the norm is a great way to recharge, experience new locations, meet interesting people, and break that energy back to the office.
  7. Sleep & Nutrition – Don’t Forget! Often times starting a new year with new fitness goals, and new work goals creates an unsustainable schedule. You might find yourself in a situation where work, fitness, and other family obligations create an unrealistic schedule of “good” things. Sleep, nutrition, hydration, and relaxation are the resources that sustain all these other “good” things in our schedule. When you seek to improve, don’t forget that sleep, nutrition, and rest are the fuel to your personal improvement.

New Year’s resolutions and new goals for the year are great things to accomplish. Have a schedule that focuses on your goals of fitness and personal improvement in a way that excites you, gets you outdoors, and fits into your schedule. Have a great New Year!   


What are your new year’s resolutions around fitness & job performance?


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