Yes, it is a New Year! Welcome to 2013! I have lots of questions to ask. Hopefully, this year's series of Blog articles will help you reach some of your goals this year! I think it all starts with something important such as starting the year with a new focus, in an attempt to create a new You!

Think about what you want to accomplish this year. What specifically do you need to focus on so that this time next year you can take a victory lap? Do you have tasks, activities, or training that you ned to focus on to make yourself more marketable?

No doubt, you're a busy person. You spend your days working hard, and your nights exhausted from all the day's activities as you hustle to get things done. Your TO-DO List remains massive and the end of the list seems to persist for days, weeks, and months. The barrage of work to do, couple with all the after-hours activities to participate in, along with the busyness found in your definition of Family, can create a strain on your energy level and progress. Do you need a new focus?

As I type this, I'm receiving Happy New Year text messages. On top of that, the App I use for Texting sends me an additional message. Not to mention, there's snow falling on my Smartphone - not because I'm outside in snowy weather, but because either the phone company or the App people programmed texting to display snow each time you text! I enjoy getting text messages from Friends, but the SPAM-type stuff has got to go! Focus Chazz, focus!

See how easy it is to get distracted? I hope you can remain focused on the most important things this year. By focusing on what's important to you or an employer, you can create a New You!

Think about it. What do you really want this year? What have you delayed, postponed, or neglected that could make a huge difference in your dreams and goals? What have you let slide in your life that if you would just refocus on, great things would happen? What is it? Do you know what it is?

Once you do, you can begin to see the development of a New You! You'll wake up each morning with more pep in your step. You'll get up motivated, invigorated, and dedicated to the cause of staying focused and building your dream. Each and every day will provide more forward momentum toward your goals. The 24-hours each day won't be enough for you to do enough. You will sleep less, work smarter, discover new things, create new opportunities, and boost your level of enjoying all life has to give.

How do you plan to start a New Focus and a New You in 2013?