“One who thinks with someone else’s head instead of his own.”- Anonymous


In this edition of Here We R, the word of the day is something related to what you’re doing right now! Yes, you are quite the Reader!


As a person raised-up in a Military Family by Preachers and Teachers, reading was essential. Books lined the walls and halls of my home growing up. We had so many books around, it looked like insulation!


As my late Parents once described it to many, you could be anywhere you wanted to be, simply by reading a book. The theater of the mind created by the printed word invited you to a journey of a lifetime. I just wish some of my college courses lived up to that back in the day!


One of the unique benefits of reading books is the ability to understand another’s perspective. You can vicariously walk in another person’s shoes. You can experience a first-hand account of the life of others.


I remember participating in professional development activities that involved military historical vignettes (a fancy word for a brief evocative description, account, or episode. Also a term used to describe the act of portraying someone in such a manner as in playing the role of a historical Military Leader.) These helped you better understand the thoughts and actions of well-known War Heroes. Prior to participating in these educational events, you had to read-up on specific icons of military history. The expectation was that you could explain their actions and discuss their decision-making, leadership traits, and overall lessons learned in the context of wartime scenarios. We learned a lot during these sessions!
Does your bookshelf hold books about famous military leaders such as; Patton, Pershing, or Powell? What about Schwarzkopf, Scott, or Sherman?


With that in mind, how many books have you read about publically traded companies, entrepreneurs, or other successful people in private industry?


If you wish to learn about civilian leadership, reading personal accounts from well-known corporate titans will help you get inside the minds of some of the most successful people in industry. Whether you aspire to navigate the highest heights of the organization chart, or remain in a place where you simply enjoy your work, the leadership learning should never cease.


The local bookstore or library has bookshelves of options for you to read and absorb. By reading books, you can learn to transform your mind into thinking like the civilian leaders you want to work for. So, the term “Book Now!” takes on a whole new meaning!


What books have you read featuring successful civilian people? What did you learn? Share your feedback below.


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