Keep Your Job Application From Falling Through the Cracks

I just got off the phone with a Friend who shared a story with me that I'll now share with you.

This Friend holds several degrees, including a Ph. D., and let's just say he has a large "bandwidth" when it comes to vast knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of subjects. He applied for a job recently and submitted his application through the company website. He followed the application instructions closely and carefully, and clicked the "Submit" button. It appeared as though all was well and he began to wait for a phone call for an interview.

Some ample time passed so he decided to follow up. He discovered a glitch in the company's system that could happen to you.

The company's website automatically sent him an email message stating that he did not meet the qualifications for the position. He thought this quite odd as he actually has extensively more educational qualifications than what's shown in the job description.

He called around and later found out several things beyond this obvious error by the computer:

  • Many other qualified applicants had been turned down or otherwise turned away due to receiving similar emails rejecting them.
  • The Hiring Manager was wondering why he had not filled this and several other positions available at the company.
  • The people screening the online applications may or may not be well-versed in some of the terminology used to categorize some certifications, licenses, and education. (In other words, if the computer didn't reject you, there's still a chance that someone who is not "in-the-know" might reject you too!)

The good news is that my Friend made a few phone calls and got back in the hiring game. I'm certain his value will be realized and valued at this company - even more so since he discovered this computer and human resources issue that could potentially leave qualified career candidates overlooked.

The bad news is that it could happen to you!

If you've ever wondered why you never got a call back, maybe it's due to an online application error. Maybe it's due to the set of eyes reading your application and their unfamiliarity with the wonderful things you've done. (But possibly written in uncommon language.)