Judy Davis presents Rejuvenation Under Stress at USAA’s DigitalMilEx™

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Author Judy Davis speaks on balancing family life and work life.


In September of 2015, USAA hosted DigitalMilEx™ - a professional conference for digital leaders in the military community to learn, network, grow and collaborate. Judy Davis, known as The Direction Diva, delivered a powerful message on balancing your family commitments with the demands of your entrepreneurial drive.    


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About Judy Davis


Judy Davis is not your average military spouse. When her husband re-entered military service later in life she was thrown back into world she vaguely remembered. Her spouse had a nineteen year gap in years of service, so in essence she found herself learning the military spouse ropes alongside her fellow new military spouses.


Today she is known by military spouses around the world as The Direction Diva. Judy Davis is a motivational speaker, published author, lifestyle blogger, and social media influencer. In 2014, she published the book, Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down. To learn more about Judy, you can follow her on Twitter.



USAA DigitalMilEx™ - USAA Member Community


More about DigitalMilEx


The conference held in San Antonio, Texas, featured a total of 34 third-party and USAA leaders presenting over the course of three days on a variety of topics from brand building to military transitions and cyber security to helping the military community through hardship – all in an interactive, solution-based environment.


This is the second in a series of posts highlighting DigitalMilEx™ featured presentations, to include the Member Community team of contributors.



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