Sometimes submitting your resume online can seem like fishing without a catch! In this article, we'll explore some ways to overcome Internet Woes.

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According to eHow Contributor Ezmeralda Lee, 6 steps can help you catch a fish. Let's take a look at how her article might play out when posting your resume on the internet.

Step 1: Locate the ideal place to fish.

Sending your resume to the right company is important. By doing some research on companies, you can narrow down your list of prospective employers to identify the ideal place to work. Do your homework. Match your skills and abilities with current open positions or potential employment opportunities due to company expansion events such as; new offices, new manufacturing plants, new technology or new products that need people like you to make them successful.

Select appropriate bait.

Your bait is your resume. If you want to catch some attention, you need to attract potential employers with a resume that's sure to hook them. You might consider changing the format of your resume to meet the specific requirements of the job you're applying for. (chronological, functional, or combination of both for example)

Bait the hook.

Watch your fingers! Start typing a winning cover letter. A well-written cover letter can provide you an opportunity to tell the prospective employer what value you bring to the organization. Other ways to improve your success include; meet the person who will review your resume, follow-up to make sure your resume made it into the right hands, and get a personal reference from an existing employee.

Cast your reel.

This is all about accuracy and being specific on where your resume lands. Applying for jobs on the internet is fast, easy, and makes you feel like you've accomplished a lot. You can virtually send hundreds of resumes from the comfort of your home, or...boat! But, what if you hand-carried your resume to the person who can make a hiring decision? It's a chance of catching the exact fish you want! Submit your resume in person to the person who can make a difference!

Reeling in the fish.

Easy now! How you follow up after submitting a resume is mission critical. In fishing, this is somewhat a finesse move. This is where you demonstrate your "swagger", "mojo", or "skillz", but gracefully. If you get a "bite", meaning you get a phone call inviting you to the next stage of the interview (such as a phone interview or preliminary interview with human resources), you need to remain calm and professional. Afterwards, send a Thank You note or email to the person or people you met with. If they ask for any additional information from you, act quickly.

Unhook the fish.

You've landed the job! You're excited! Job Offers: 1

Minimize your Internet Woes so you don't have to tell your Friends and Family about the one that got away!