Pat: "Man, this coffee is just what I needed! It's going to be a busy, but exciting day!"

Terry: "Look at that! Drive up in your car, all dressed up and ready to go, and as you open your door, some important papers get blown away in the wind! AND you dropped your coffee cup! Ouch!"

Pat: "Now look at you! Chasing ALL the papers and running all over the parking lot in this wind! Got 'em all too!"

Terry: "Even picked up the coffee cup! No cup left behind!"

Pat: "This is interesting. Hey, look! Approaches the main entrance quickly. Big smile. Hands full. Unfazed by what just happened in the parking lot. Ooh! And here comes an older couple on their way out the door, moving quite slowly."

Terry: "Amazing! Even opened the door for them and chatted a bit. They're all grinning ear-to-ear!"

Pat: "Now let's see how things go with Alex at the front desk. Alex can be pretty tough. And that's an understatement! How much you wanna bet Alex won't smile?"

Terry: "You're on! Wait...was that a smile I just witnessed on Alex's face? Impossible!"

Pat: "It's true! Alex actually CAN smile! Who would've thought?"

Terry: "Looks like we have a WINNER!"

Pat: "Hey! Great talking to you Terry! Let me go start this interview. This looks like someone we need working for us! I really enjoy chatting with you over coffee before the work day starts. How you liking these new security cameras?"

Terry: "Well Pat, if it helps us find quality people like the one we just saw, I like them just fine."

Have you ever thought about the fact that you might be seen BEFORE your interview?

According to the Seattle Weekly, London has approximately 4.2 million Closed Circuit Television Cameras. The USA adds more & more cameras each day. Obviously used to capture or otherwise deter crime, these cameras could come in handy if you're an Employer who just happens to be standing next to one.

OK, let's put this into perspective though. I'm not suggesting that your Hiring Manager has time to watch your every move as you approach the company headquarters! But, you're under surveillance each time you come in contact with people that work at a particular company you plan to interview with.

Let's just say, for example, you happened to accidentally drop a pile of resumes (or coffee, trash, etc.) on your way out of your car. Now they're flying around in the wind, destination unknown. If you don't at least make an attempt to pick up the "litter" (which you should), just imagine somebody's watching you and might get a negative impression of you.

What might be said about your actions?

How you treat people along the way to your interview makes a difference too! The impression you make on the Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Staff, or anyone else can and probably will be discussed.

Just remember that you're always in the interview - and maybe even on camera! So, smile!