How to Say Thank You on Veterans Day 2021

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Veterans Day is a time to honor and celebrate military veterans from all service branches for answering the call to serve our country. As a Navy spouse, Army daughter and granddaughter, the military legacy in my family runs deep. What is your military connection? Whether you grew up in a military family, are married to the military or a military advocate, your support both big and small can make a difference.  


Here are few things you can do to demonstrate your gratitude to those who’ve served and those still serving.  


A Mark of Gratitude – With three simple steps, you can show your thanks and inspire others to do the same. 


- Draw a “V” (for veterans) on your hand and write the initials of a veteran you want to honor in the center (or draw a star in the middle to represent all veterans). 


-Snap a selfie (photo or video) of the “V” you created.  


-Share on social, tagging it #HonorThroughAction and encourage those you know to join with their own “V” tributes. 





Support Veteran Groups – You can honor veterans and their families by supporting or participating in various military-related organizations. Here are two examples of the many nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping military veterans. 


  • Team Rubicon puts the skills of military veterans into action, serving communities affected by disasters and humanitarian crises.  
  • Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) helps connect veterans with their communities through a variety of fitness and wellness activities. Check out this video highlighting military vets and civilians making new connections through Team RWB. 



Who are you honoring this Veterans Day?

 Let us know in the comments.  



For more information on how USAA is honoring veterans and to download digital Zoom backgrounds, visit 


Other ways to #HonorThroughAction: 

- Teach children in your life about the meaning of Veterans Day

- Share Veterans Day with your kids through crafting  by making a patriotic suncatcher with them to honor a specific veteran or all vets.  

- Military Discounts this Veterans Day 

- USAA Veterans Day 


USAA employees reflect on what Veterans Day means to them: