How Do You Rank in Hire-Ability?



Are you the Number 1 Ranked Job Candidate? Will your phone ring with the sound of a cheery voice and a job offer?

How much confidence do you have in your chances of getting hired? While building your self-confidence and strengthening your hire-ability, what do Employers look for and how do they rank-order the job candidates?

Let’s take a look!

How to Choose the Best Candidate” by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD as seen on wrote an interesting article chronicling the events that happen behind the scenes once the candidate pool gets narrowed to the top prospects.

His article explains the step-by-step process companies should take in order to choose or move on to other job candidates if their initial selections prove to be less than optimal hires.

Might be worth your time to study some of what goes on behind the scenes so you can adjust your approach if needed. Knowing more about how the hiring decision process works will only help you.

Have you ever thought how your personality might help or hinder your chances of getting hired?

Certain personality traits might rub people the wrong way. Other personality traits may fit perfectly into the corporate culture. Take stock of your unique personality and pay close attention to how who you are may affect your chances of getting hired.

Maybe you’re the type of person who totally immerses yourself in your work and never flips the “OFF” switch. You’re that person who’s full-octane, full-throttle, high-speed/low drag, 25 hours a day and 366 days a year. Yet, you’re applying for a job where the pace is kinda slow and people leave work behind as soon as the workday ends. They leave, yet you stay behind at your desk getting more work done. After all, you’re an energetic, fast-paced, no-nonsense type of person. You’re a self-starter who loves being a workaholic. You’ll work from 8-to-Faint each day and never complain. You miss all the social events and get-togethers due to the fact that you need to get the work done.

With that in mind, does your personality mesh well with the company you’re trying to work for?

Do you know what you’re good at? What do you do that just seems to come naturally? Do hiring companies take your strong points into consideration?

Of course they do!

StrengthsFinder is something you may wish to check out. Some companies use this unique tool to identify strengths Employees possess. For example, what strengths do you have that can be beneficial to the company? Which strengths, when known by Co-Workers, can help achieve more at work? How can your direct supervisor manage you better with the knowledge of your unique strengths?

And finally, here’s something to think about as you travel through your journey toward getting that job. From the company’s perspective, the goal is to hire the best and retain them. Some companies have notoriety due to their name recognition, others known for blockbuster products, and still others due to creating new broad-based markets or establishing a specific, niche market.

Companies who have great products need great people to make sure they continue to grow and prosper. Here’s a hint as to how to be the right person.

You can’t fake being the right person for the job. You can’t create the illusion that you’re the right person for the position. But, you can and should keep track of all the things that have made you successful up to this point so you can articulate these successes flawlessly.

When was the last time you re-discovered something great you did during your military career?

Did you share these feats of greatness in your interview? Did you find just the right accomplishment that fit the job opening requirements like a glove?

Continue to explore the tiny details of your experience. Revisit the notes you took when you met the various people along the way who work in the industry you’re interested in. Constantly look for things you’ve done that match exactly what they’re looking for in a Top Hire. Show a genuine interest in the company you wish to work for by asking good questions and paying close attention to everyone’s story during interviews.

If you make the cut, you’ve proven that you can be the next great superstar that’s ready to help take the company to the next level. It won’t be easy, and the learning curve might be steep, but just know that if you can show them you’ve got what it takes to be a productive member of the team, you’ve got a great chance to work at a great company and make major contributions to their success!

I hope this provided some insight as to what companies do in order to hire the best available talent. Paying close attention to these things and making adjustments to your overall “get hired plan” will hopefully result in you becoming a top pick at a top company!

How has this post helped your job search? What will you add to your “get hired plan”?

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