A Wordle or a word cloud is a great tool to help understand the most reoccurring words or concepts in a large string of text. Most of us have used a wordle to show the most common reoccurring words in a speech or from the comments to a survey question.  A wordle is a great tool to help complete a resume for a job application.  Here is how a wordle can help you complete a job application successfully.


Tip #1 for Using a Wordle in A Job Application – The Job Application Matters.  Job applications are almost written in a foreign language.  Job applications have an all too brief paragraph of what the job entails, what the major responsibilities of the position are, and then what are the minimum skill requirements for the job.  The challenge for the job seeker is to determine what matters the most and this is where a wordle can help.


Tip #2 for Using a Wordle in A Job Application – Find a Free, On-Line Wordle Application.  Once you have the text and website of the job application, then find an on-line and free Wordle application.  Here are a few:


These applications should be able to create word clouds or wordles from website and / or pasting the text into the wordle application.


Tip #3 for Using a Wordle in A Job Application – Create a Wordle Of The Main Words From The Job Description. Once you have the wordle application open, paste the key parts of the job description into the wordle application and create an initial Wordle of the job application.  Write down the top 5-8 key words of both results and skillsets that the job application is looking to fill.  Focus on the large text words within the Wordle – those words appear the most frequently.  If you need to, eliminate words that appear frequently such as the company name, and, the, and to.  Once these words are eliminated, re-run the Wordle application and see if any new key words have risen to the top.  Confirm a list of the key 8-10 words in results and skill sets that the job application wants.


Tip #4 for Using a Wordle in A Job Application – Substitute and Add The Key Words From The Wordle Results Into Your Resume and Application. Modern Human Resources Job Application Grading Systems often use key word searches from job applicants to quickly evaluate and remove job applicants from the relevant pool for future interviews. One of the ways to improve your probability of selection for an interview is to place correctly and strategically the most frequent key words from the job description into your resume and on the job application.  This process of determining the most important occurring key words in the job description and the placement of those words in your resume helps improve the probability of selection for the open position.


Tip #5 for Using a Wordle in A Job Application – Repeat This Process For All Online Job Applications. This process of identifying the primary words in the job description and ensuring the correct use of those words in your job application is one of the ways to help improve your probability of an interview for an opening. The wordle concept helps show you are a qualified candidate for an opening but it does not replace quality education, quantifying the business value of resume comments, having good examples of your work results, and networking to place you in contact with hiring decision makers.


The use of the wordle on job applications helps you understand what the company wants to achieve with the open position. Taking this extra step to ensure your resume and application have the most stated key words and concepts is just one of many tools to have an outstanding application.



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