CareerCast Construction Network listed the Top 10 Hot Construction Careers of 2013 which included:

Equipment Operator, Crane Operator, Electrician, Framer and Carpenter, Painter, HVAC Technician, Plumber, Internet & Video Installer, and Project Manager round out the top choices.

Believe it or not, Construction jobs continue to be available. Keep your eyes open as you drive around town and you'll undoubtedly see something being built. It may not be as prevalent in a residential area, however, other construction projects on the commercial side provide opportunities for those with this skill set.

USAJOBS published some nice info by Bill Golden, CEO, on careers in 2013. They list the following as HOT JOBS:

Intelligence, Logistics and Enterprise Systems, and Technology top the list.

Leveraging your experience in these areas means less time waiting to be hired. Make sure to take a look at the article and see what Mr. Golden says about each career field.

GOGO TRAINING in its IT CAREERCAST section lists some nice info in an article entitled, Hot Jobs for 2013 (And We're not Talking Temperature):

Hot IT careers include; Programming and Application Development, Project Management, Help Desk and Technical Support, IT Security, and Business Intelligence.

I don't know about you, but each week I have some kind of IT challenge to face! Sometimes it is within my own personal "bandwidth" to solve the issue, but many times it is not. Having qualified IT people available to share their skills is most helpful. maintains a cool list of Online Communities with all kinds of career interests included. From Teachers, to Chef, to Police, and other great careers, you can connect with people and information that can help you get ahead!

What do you consider a HOT CAREER in 2013? Have you noticed any trends emerging out there? What can former Military personnel do in order to take advantage of these Hot Careers?

Do you have a success story to share? If so, I'd like to hear from you! I believe we can help reduce the Veteran Unemployment rate by sharing information. Each week, I hear stories about Unemployed Veterans. Just the other day, a Retired NCO described his experience on the outside work world as eye-opening and the truth and realities about civilian life were something to pay close attention to.

Feel free to chime in and share an experience or two on what Hot Careers you see coming to the forefront!

Our Brothers & Sisters in Arms are depending on our collective wisdom and need to know what you know about this important topic!