Happy 247th Birthday to the United States Army

By Ben Navratil


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June 14, 2022 is the U.S. Army’s 247th birthday.


The oldest of our six military branches, the Army was first formed by the second Continental Congress in 1775 to fight the British. George Washington, who’d already earned a reputation as an effective Soldier in the French and Indian War, was elected unanimously to lead the fledgling force as its Commander in Chief. Washington went on to lead this untrained, poorly supplied, and under-fed Army through eight years of war against the world-class British Army. Finally, in 1781 the Continental Army, along with their French allies, delivered a stunning defeat to British and Hessian troops at the Battle of Yorktown, forcing their surrender and effectively ending the American Revolution.


Since then, the Army has participated in every major American conflict, from the War of 1812, through the World Wars and into today’s conflicts. They help out in crises both home and abroad, where their expertise in logistics and sustainment can be lifesaving for people who’ve lost everything to a natural disaster.


Today’s US Army is a diverse team of volunteers from all over the world, each of whom improves this team of 700,000 active and reserve Soldiers with their own expertise and knowledge. They are infantry, lawyers, medics, communicators, IT specialists, and many other jobs. Soldiers are stationed all over the world, ready to fight for freedom and America’s interests, or come to the aid of people in need. Today’s US Army is a powerful force made up of professional Soldiers from all walks of life who have come together, under our flag to stand up for freedom and American’s interests across the world.


Remember the U.S. Army on June 14th. How are you celebrating the U.S. Army Birthday? Let us know in the comments.


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About the Author:  Ben Navratil has served in the Army for 16 years and is the 2020-21 US Army Training with Industry Fellow at USAA. Post originally written in 2021 updated for 2022.


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