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Happy 245th to the U.S. Navy – providing security for our shores and projecting strength around the globe since 1775. Thank you to today’s Sailors and all those who have worn the uniform on land, in the sky, and at sea. For a unique look at the service, check out these images of the U.S. Navy in action.


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In honor of the Navy Birthday, we reached out to David Dearie, a previous contributor here in Community who also happens to be a retired Command Master Chief and USAA employee for his birthday message.


“Happy Birthday Navy! Despite your 245 years, you look as good today as you did centuries ago. Still providing freedom of navigation and projecting force around the globe. With Old Glory proudly waving high upon the mast, and carrying Sailors to all corners of the globe as “ambassadors” to thousands, you never take a break. This year thousands spent considerable days above and below the seas to keep our nation safe. Families complied with requests to remain safe so their Sailor could fulfill the mission.  Through it all our Navy remains strong, resilient, and respected.  Birthdays don’t mark “another year” but a time to reflect on all the years past and the many more to come. I’m looking forward to spending many more Navy birthdays with you in the future.”



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My grandfather served in the Navy in WWI and my father served in the Navy in WWII ~


@VivC What an incredible legacy of service! Thank you to your father and grandfather!


I appreciate you sharing!