We scream "Go For The Goal" at Soccer games as well as when our favorite Football Team has a chance to make a big play and score.

No matter if you prefer Futbol (as in Soccer) or Football of the pigskin variety, "Go For The Goal!" is something you should yell to yourself louder than you would at any sporting event

GOALS. We need to set goals each year and review these goals from time-to-time to make sure we're headed toward a big score.

Many books, presentations, and motivational speakers tout the importance of goals.

Take a minute and do an Internet search on the words HOW TO SET GOALS. Seriously, do it now!

Welcome, back! I'd like you to share what you discovered on the Internet in terms of setting goals. Please respond to this blog article so I can share your findings.

Here are a few simple tips on setting goals:

Goals need to be DETAILED.

Here's a chance for you to write down your goals in explicit detail. I'm not necessarily suggesting a written novel about your goals, but just the facts. You should be able to look at your goals each day and know where you're headed. Get detailed or get derailed!

Goals need to be GRADED.

Remember those days in school when you got a pop quiz or a test. Whether you turned in your paper or handed it to the person sitting behind you, it didn't take long to know how you performed. Goals are no different. You need to grade yourself or have a trusted Friend or Family Member grade you on how well you're doing in your quest for goal achievement. Get graded or your goals will soon be faded!

Goals need to be something you can REACH.

By now, you've heard the stories of how Michael Jordan got cut while in high school, or how Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before creating the light bulb. But each of these people set goals that they could reach. Musicians set goals to learn scales while playing alone before they can perform beautiful music before crowds. Dancers spend countless hours rehearsing and learning dance steps and form before you're dazzled by what they do onstage. Nobel Peace Prize Winners go through painstakingly smaller goal accomplishment by way of tiny "micro-goals" — those small wins that lead to achieving that big goal! Make sure you set goals that are within reach. You can always set another goal to set the bar a bit higher once the original goal is met. Get a goal you can reach and one day you might tell the story in a speech!

Goals need to be DOWN-TO-EARTH.

Many people get bold and try to impress others with goals that are too high. Now, let me be clear that it is okay to set high goals and you should. However, you need to set goals that are within reason. For the purposes of the GOING CIVILIAN Blog, I'm talking about the person who comes into a job interview and boasts that they will become CEO in 5 years. This could also be a person who gets in an interview and states that they change everything about the company. Maybe you can. Maybe you have the experience to do so. Probably not. You can fool yourself into thinking you can achieve such a ridiculous goal, but why not just save face and get real! Keep your goals out of the Stratosphere! (Unless of course, you're setting a goal to be an Astronaut!)

Goals need a TIME LIMIT.

"One of these days I'm gonna..." Have you ever heard yourself saying that? With goal setting, you need to place a time limit on the goal. I like to say that "If you don't have a DREAM with a DATE, you're just DREAMING!"

What methods have you found effective in setting goals?