In my last installment of Get Ready For The Waiting Game, I shared some ideas on things you can do to make best use of the clock ticking as you wait for a response from a prospective Employer. In this second part, I'd like to focus on one of the point made in the first:

Be ready for anything! Especially, keep up-to-date on all that's happening at the company you wish to work for. Read and re-read Press Releases, corporate websites, News articles, etc.

If you could be a fly on the wall at the company you wish to work for, you would probably be amazed at all the activity going on this time of year. As we escort 2012 out and welcome 2013, lots of important work is being done behind the scenes. How well you pay attention to all these "goings on" determines how well you'll do once your phone rings for a job offer! Let me explain.

People are busy — real busy. And, even though you might think getting hired is the most important thing in the world (not that there's anything wrong with this within reason, of course) the priorities at the company prevail. Hiring people now often take a back seat to getting all those important tasks, projects, and requirements completed from this current year.

Think about it. If you had your performance evaluation coming up and nothing about hiring new Employees appears on your annual goals, would you be overly concerned about calling back, emailing, or otherwise sending an offer letter to a new Employee? Would you miss the last minute priorities, meetings, and decision-making activities that could make or break your future success for the sake of answering phone calls from people who want to join your team?

It's not that they don't care about you, don't get me wrong here. The issue is that this is that "home stretch", "sprint to the finish", let's "go out on a high note" time of year! Employers and Hiring Managers mean no harm; they just have important stuff to do right now. Unfortunately, you may not be part of that equation, at least for now.

So, what to do?

Remember that bullet point shown at the top of this blog article? That's a clue as to what to do!

Here are some additional clues, keys, tips, & tricks for you to consider:

  • Check those News Releases from that company! Will you be ready with the most current, late-breaking news once your phone rings? Know as much as you can about the hot topics at the company so you can rise above those who pay little or no attention.
  • Pay attention to any holiday activities the company participates in. Did you notice any specific charities the company donated to? Did Employees volunteer with any good causes? How can you use this information to connect with the company on a specific event once your phone rings?
  • Did you hear who got promoted? Who retired? Who is heading up the new department at this company? Did you research the new hires at top levels of management? Do you know the chain-of-command? Be ready to show you've done your homework and/or share how you've worked on projects the leadership will find important.
  • Do you know when and where any Year End or Year Beginning Meetings might be held? Is there an opportunity for you to meet with members of the company at one of these meetings? Would it be worth your while to get away from the computer screen and in front of a living, breathing Employer?
  • What new product launches can be expected in 2013? Knowing this information and how your skills and abilities can help these products succeed is something you need to share with the company!
  • Now is the time companies set expectations for the coming year! Do you know what these expectations are? Have you matched your experiences in such a way that the company needs you in order to meet/exceed these expectations?
  • Does the company have any new strategic alliances? Have you done your homework on these new players and how they can team up for the benefit of all? Have you explained your experiences with teams in a way that this company would be foolish not to hire you?
  • Change is something we all can count on. Companies often buy up other companies and restructure. The Organization Chart today looks much different next year. How aware are you about acquisitions and mergers that will soon happen at the company? Have you positioned yourself as someone experienced in change management? What can you contribute to the cause of making a smooth transition within the company?

Thus, the Waiting Game continues! How well you'll fare at the end depends on you!

What are you doing in order to make great things happen once your phone rings?