Get Certified!At a military-centric hiring fair I attended, the long lines for advanced schooling and certification programs eclipsed the length of those standing in line for actual jobs. What does this tell us? To me, it means that Veterans fully recognize the fact that in order to remain competitive in today’s job market, getting certified counts.


Just like your certifications you earned while in uniform – all those special training programs and schools you attend that added proof that you’re qualified – the private sector offers countless paths to certification.


I believe Veterans have always had the challenge of translating their military skills and experience into relevant private sector job matches. The internet is filled with commentary about those inherent challenges we all must overcome. It’s great to see many proactive veterans, military spouses, and military families seeking opportunities to become more versatile by adding new designations at the end of their names.


So, how do you know which certification to get?


A recent article discussed various job postings inviting people to apply for some unique job titles. Some of these included some super-long job titles along with some creative, self-published do-it-yourself titles. For example, the article quoted an English opportunity for a “temporary part-time libraries North-West inter-library loan business unit administration assistant”, and one for a “part-time healthcare team foot health gain facilitators”, and others. Even ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s were cited as allowing their Employees to choose their own job titles!


So, your best bet is to do your homework on certifications that make sense for your industry.


Where’s the best place to look?


I’d recommend you do a few simple things:


  • On any job posting, read the details of the Qualifications. If you see the words “must be certified in…”, you should use your mouse to highlight/right click/search in order to find out what that specific certification is all about.
  • Check out Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). This DoD program can help you further your education, gain certifications, and be proactive while you’re in uniform as well as after you become a Veteran. Troops to Teachers falls under this program.
  • Join professional organizations specific to your area of career interest. By joining these groups, you get connected to the happenings in the industry of your choice. You’ll know when certain certifications become necessary for long-term career growth. You’ll be dialed-in on the latest industry trends and be informed on how to navigate your way through.
  • Attend an annual convention or conference for the “governing agency” or top professional organization in your field. What better way to connect with peers, key opinion leaders, and updates in your field than attending a yearly meeting focused on your career field.


By using the resources available to veterans and their families to get the right info about the right certifications you need in order to succeed, you’ll be better prepared for your next career opportunity.


Have something to add? Share your advice below in the comments.


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