Finding “NEmO”! - The New Employee Orientation Experience

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Finding “NEmO”! - The New Employee Orientation Experience - USAA Member Community


When you start a new job, you get many things. You’ll get a brand new fresh start, new co-workers, a new opportunity to accomplish goals, and you’ll get a host of other stuff. But there’s one thing you’ll get for sure. You will get New Employee Orientation!

Organizations large or small want you to introduce you to their company in a positive way. They want you to have questions answered. They want to take care of all that administrative stuff. They want to set the stage for success.


So, what might you learn during New Employee Orientation?

1. You’ll learn about the history, mission, and values of the company. Expect to learn how the company came into being. You’ll most likely hear from the Founders (perhaps in person or via video) of the company and learn how humble beginnings grew into the current level of success. Pay close attention to what the mission of the company is. This should be a relatively familiar concept for you. After all, you served in an organization that gave you plenty of missions to carry out! You have the choice to grasp what’s being said about both the mission and values at a company as well as the choice to take it seriously – even when others around you may not.

2. You’ll learn about all the benefits and new things they probably didn’t tell you during the interview. (And, let me say that it’s probably a good thing you overdo it by asking too many questions related to benefits during the pre-hiring phase.) Now that you’re hired, expect to get more clarity not only on the benefits you expected, but there might be some welcomed surprises too. Employee discounts, fitness programs, stock options, volunteer programs, events, and a bunch of other human resources related stuff goes here. Make sure to pay close attention to things that can help you advance in your career, such as; continuing education, matching gifts programs, special programs for families with special needs, and other benefits you can enjoy!

3. Get ready to go on tour! You’ll probably get some sort of guided tour of your new workplace. This will give you a chance to “meet and greet” other Employees to some degree. Make sure to keep your conversations brief – remember, people are at work. During this whirlwind tour, you’ll most likely find out where you workstation is, what the security protocols are, and an overview of where things are. By the end of this journey, you’ll be able to quickly identify the break room, the entrances/exits, and all the various departments within the company.


4. PowerPoint slides anyone? Yes, you will probably sit through a bunch of presentations during your New Employee Orientation. The good news is that most of these presentations last about an hour each. The better news is most companies have a coffee machine! All joking aside, make sure you pay close attention to what’s being said. Make sure to introduce yourself to the Guest Speakers or Presenters after they share their information. Drop them an email and thank them for sharing information that will help you help the company. And, make sure to be honest on those surveys they provide in order to get feedback.


5. Last but not least, keep in mind that although you’re new, the company is always looking for future leaders. You may not see it yet, but rest assured that as companies grow, their need for leadership grows too!

If you go into New Employee Orientation with the right frame of mind and go in with the expectation of launching your career as a future leader, I believe you can see things in a positive light. Companies want you to succeed, but you need to want to succeed. It starts now!


As you develop as a leader, companies want you to be a team player. They’re looking for a leader – someone who will rally the troops, so to speak, in order to get through the tough times. As you know, sometimes the leader arrives unexpectedly and the most underrated person assumes the leadership role. The company is watching and you can become the leader if you do the right things.


So, in the spirit of the title of this blog article, I’m reminded of a scene from the animated feature film Finding Nemo. There’s a scene where a group of fish get caught in a fisherman’s net. As the net gets pulled up toward the surface, just a few feet from the boat and just seconds before being caught, a leader emerges. Nemo, a somewhat New Employee in the sense that he’s new to living a life away from home, gets his shot at leadership. Essentially, Nemo unites all the fish and sets them on the path to success. He helps others navigate unchartered waters. Watch it HERE!

New Employee Orientation (a.k.a. “NEmO”) can help you in many ways, but one question remains:

Will you consider the New Employee Orientation the opportunity to set the stage for your future as a recognized leader at this company?


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