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Earth Day, April 22nd every year, is more than a day to appreciate everything that the earth is and what the earth gives us.  On April 22nd, Earth Day, do one or several of these activities to remember and appreciate the Earth.  Better yet, incorporate these actions into your weekly activities so Earth Day is remembered every week.


Raise Your Hand & Volunteer. Volunteering on Earth Day is a great way to remember and act with other members of your community.  Any activity on Earth Day helps.  Trash pickup, planting trees, disposing of hazardous chemicals, or teaching children how to recycle waste are all high impact activities that also make an immediate difference in your community. 


Replant Enduring Vegetation. Planting trees, bushes, or flowers help the community look better, creates oxygen, and helps anchor the soil to prevent topsoil loss during high winds.  Frame your activities around the power of “one more.”  One more tree, plant, or flower makes a difference.  You are not a failure if you don’t have time to plant 20 trees, plant two.  Finally, plants and trees make a beautiful community.


Reuse & Donate Items. Donation and reuse are incredibly powerful ways to impact Earth Day.  Instead of throwing them away, try to donate them to religious organizations, schools, or other social groups that help people recover from homelessness, financial loss, sickness, or are recent arrivals to the United States.  If you are a builder, try and recycle old wood, old hardware, and other materials.  Not only do these enduring styles look amazing, they can be found at little or no cost. 


Recycle Waste. Recycling is changing your daily and weekly practices to sort and categorize your trash.  Most items; cans, cardboard, steel, and electronics; can be recycled and food waste can be composted to feed your plants and bushes around your neighborhood.  My wife donates to a local non-profit that collects fresh food items at the end of the day that would have gone in the trash that now goes to homeless shelters.   


Register to Vote. Today, many Earth positive initiatives are heading to the ballot and for a public vote.  No matter your political affiliation, we all have opinions on what we want your government, from local to national, to do in terms of the environment.  Make your voice heard and ensure you are registered to vote.  While you are signing up, request a mail in ballot for the next election so you can vote even if you can’t get to the local polling location. 


Renew A Love of Environment.  All Earth Day activities are about appreciating the beauty, complexity, and awe of the Earth.  Just take 5 minutes to stop everything and look at trees, grass, bushes, insects, and animals that are around you.  It will make a busy day all worth it!


Share Your Story – What Do You Plan to Do on Earth Day?


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