Doing What You Love Even When Your Job Suggests Otherwise

Maybe you've heard stories of people who became doctors, lawyers, or any other profession because their Parents did the same. The choice was already decided for them at birth. Any effort to venture outside the pre-approved, authorized career path gets stifled, diverted, or otherwise vetoed.

But then there's the person who has a particular skill or passion, but the job they're in does not play to that particular strength. You look like you're enjoying your work and in fact you may thoroughly enjoy what you do, yet there's a burning inside to do something you truly love to do. You get excited at the prospect of doing that activity, but you can't seem to find a reason or excuse to do something rewarding, something you know you will succeed or shine while doing it.

Maybe you lose sleep at night trying to figure out ways to gain more fulfillment in your workplace. Maybe you dream about the day that you will finally get a chance to get your dream job. Maybe you stay up all night planning, practicing, and perfecting your craft.

I remember a guy I met in college who aspired to be a Sports Reporter. We had a few classes together and I recall seeing him at Press Row during the college Basketball games. While surrounded by all the major Television networks and all the Sports media outlets, this guy did something I'll never forget — he announced play-by-play into a cassette recorder!

His "job" as a Student was to study and earn a degree in Broadcasting. His passion drove him to go the extra mile by planning, practicing, and perfecting his craft by creating a mock media outlet, his tape recorder. Whether you're a Student or an Employee, you may be able to relate to the feeling of wanting to do what you're best suited to do.

Do you know what that feels like?

Let's say you've identified this special superhero power and ability. How do you harness this passion and find a way to show your stuff at the workplace? Can this be done? Of course it can!

Here's a short list of things you might consider doing:

  • Volunteer for a work project that will play to your strengths.
  • Keep an eye out for new job postings that might be the right fit for your special skills.
  • Lead a work group or committee whose activities play to your strengths.
  • If your job won't offer such an opportunity, find a community organization that does.
  • Volunteer or join a civic organization in order to feed your hobby or passion.
  • Join a Facebook or LinkedIn group of people with the same interests.

Whatever happened to the guy with the tape recorder? He went on to anchor the Sports at a local NBC affiliate, hosted an extreme sports show, and then move onto host a show on Home & Garden Television, the network known as HGTV.

What examples can you share about times when you wanted to do what you love even when you job suggests otherwise? What did you do?